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The Turtle

A couple of days ago, John and I took a trip over to Yuma to empty the last of our things from our storage unit. Since then, I have been going through the odds and ends trying to decide what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to get rid of. The obvious answer; keep it all was top in my mind; of course, John has other ideas about that. 

So this afternoon, when he asked me if I would like to go for a ride; I couldn’t get my jacket on fast enough. Off we went into the desert country side. It was a chilly afternoon; not many people wondering around; many were in RV’s on their way out of town; probably looking for a warmer area to hang their hats for awhile.

Anyways, we meandered around and came to a small town (Blythe, CA) where I seen this beautiful piece of art work on the side lawn of a bank. I had to hop out and take its picture.                                   turtle-babies-blythe-ca-107-001.jpg

I was so glad that I listened to other bloggers and brought the camera along (tho it’s not a very good one) ; but I do the best I can with it. I think the photo turned out rather well considering.   

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That bratty daughter of mine (Susan) (A Slice of Life) tagged me to list 6 things that are weird about me! Can you believe that she could do such a thing to me just as I am getting started with this new blog? I couldn’t think of a single weird thing about myself – Ha Ha. So I had to ask a few people that question; here is what they told me. Well here goes:

1.          My sister tells me that it is weird that I wear my shoes all of the time. From the moment I get out of bed until the time that I get back into it. Now what is weird about that?

2.           She also says that it is weird that I wear a hat to bed. Well it is a old beige thing (stocking cap) that I have had for years; it keeps my head warm at night.  Maybe that is weird.

3.            My granddaughter (KT) says that I am weird because I use to play with the Nintendo’s that is until the younger gddtr (Meg) (Mimi) stole it from me. (Actually I let her have it!) KT says old people (she thinks I am old?) don’t play with Nintendo’s. Well I have found something else more fun!  Ages of the Empires III War Chiefs

4.             Sue (dtr) thinks it’s weird that I schedule my life around a computer run fish tank where I have to feed the fish and take care of them as if they were alive. Breeding and such fun things included. – Now what’s weird about that!

5.              I do have this one weird thing – I dislike making a phone call. I don’t mind talking on the phone; but I don’t like answering the phone or calling someone.  Shaun (Sue’s hubby)  says to me when he calls and I answer it (the phone) you aren’t supposed to answer the phone. Well it is funny when he says it!

6.             Oh, another weird thing- I do not like my space invaded at the table when I am eating. No one is allowed to slide their dishes into my “space” it upsets me greatly and I have to give them the evil eye! I have turned more than one person into stone because of that.

7.             Susan says that I can control the weather. It is so weird that I have such power.

8.             I might have a few other weird things, but ……….. My secret!

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Let me introduce us & Quartzsite

Welcome to my new blog! This is my first attempt at this sort of thing so please bear with me. I am Susan’s mother, from “A Slice of Life”; so some of you probably know a bit about me. It will take a while for me to get this site set up the way I want it.


My husband, John and I are full-time travelers. We live in a 36 foot long Winnebago Journey. It is a mobile home (RV). It has two slide outs that make the interior space very livable. We have all of the amenities of a house (just about): running water, shower, bathroom (which also contains a washer/dryer combo). We have a queen size number bed; a living space with a full size couch and recliner with two TVs; DVD Player – stereo with surround sound; a full size kitchen, meaning that it has everything in it; a lg side by side fridge/freezer, a convection oven; (which takes the place of a regular oven) full size sink with filtered water (that is important in some locations). ( The kitchen is small, but well laid out.) We have a booth type sitting arrangement for eating in the kitchen area. We have lots of cupboard space all over the rig.

We even carry a large 8 ft ladder that folds into 6-7 inch sq 8 ft long. We carry a huge quantity of water & fuel. We are a self contained unit. We have a large generator. We could stay at least 2 weeks in a remote area with no outside connections to electric, water or sewage system.  Our fuel tank holds approximately 100 gals of diesel fuel. When we fill the tank- usually put 65 – 70 gals in it. (around $213 for a fill up).  We get about 8 miles per gal.

At the moment, we are in the desert of Arizona in a small (tiny) town called Quartzsite. We have come here to sell Walking Poles!


Come January several hundred, possibly thousands of RVs/ trailers etc congregate here. It’s like a very huge swap meet, where venders (in RVs) sell products of all sorts. The place crawls with crowds of people. The old timers here tell us that this year the population coming into town is way down. You can walk down the dirt lanes/paths without touching shoulders with someone else which was not possible in other years.  RV’s are parked ever-which way alone the main roads and into the desert. The land here is owned by the state of AZ and they (you know those people) let you stay for a small fee for however long that you want to stay – as long as you pay up the weekly fee.

Bargains are abundant here.  Anyone can sell anything (within reason) as long as they buy a license; a government agent comes around frequently to see if you have one and if not, he will sign you up and take your money. Taxes are 9.1% here; the state and city get their share for sure! The nearest large grocery store is 20 – 30 miles away!

Most of the time it is pretty quiet here, but all to frequently, we hear the sirens of ambulance and paramedics hurrying to the aid of those poor souls in trouble. It is a place now of the older populace and all too frequently their health becomes a problem. It also is a place where those that are use to taking advantage of others gather. Everyday we hear of something being stolen; so everyone has to keep a very close eye on their possessions. This is Quartzsite in January.  Monday the 5th of Feb. we will be heading to a park near Riverside, CA.

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