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Rick’s Here

The bad rain storm that we were expecting finally got here on Thursday, late in the evening. So thank goodness, we didn’t get wet while we were inTecate, Mexico, at the dentist office. I got a temporary filling put in my mouth and we made it back home before the storm arrived. It turned out that the storm was no where near as bad as we thought it would be; no flooding.


We have been waiting for months for our son; Rick, to get here from
South Carolina. It’s been almost a year since we seen him last. Anyways, he got in late yesterday afternoon and was very tired and hungry when he got off of the plane.

He rented a car at the airport; got checked into his hotel and registered with the seminar people that he was here to see; then he found a restaurant. It turned out that while John & I were having lunch in Marie Calendar’s; he was eating lunch at an El Salvadorian Restaurant, (His twin daughters were adopted from El Salvador last June.)  We finally met up at Marie Calendar’s. He had a head start getting to his restaurant before we got to ours. It seems like very bad planning, but that’s how it worked out.   

He has a work seminar here in San Diego that he is attending this week. His seminar & transportation were paid for compliments of the church where he is the Children’s Minister.  At least once; sometimes twice a year they send him somewhere for church related seminars. They all love him there. Check out his photo blog site and Double Trouble (twin girls).

So far, we do not know his schedule so don’t know how often or when we will be able to see him.  Well at least we will see lots of him and his family later this year when we go to South Carolina.


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This & That

I was IM-ing with my sister this morning; we kept getting knocked off line, I hate that, but at least service (quickly) kept popping back on. Don’t you just hate it! We have a internet satellite dish so maybe we are bothered by this problem more than most.

We were chatting away, when all of a sudden she said:   “Oh, no! It’s snowing!”  She doesn’t much like the snow. She gets snow where she lives at least once or twice during the cold months of the year. She usually gets snowed in and has to wait for the snowplow or someone with the ability to climb across the snow to come and take her to work. Remember she lives in the mountains and it can be wicked.

Oh, by the way, after the last two posts; Aleta (my sister) was kind of ticked at me; I just don’t understand why? Woo eee   She was kind of steaming. Glad she can’t get her hands on me!  Ha Ha

We are expecting a big rain storm, (possibility, a thunderstorm) to come in sometime today. It is suppose to really pour; and we are parked in a flood plain, oh my! It’s just another adventure to look forward to.

The rain will probably come about the time we are going to
Tecate, Mexico to the dentist. I know that we are going to get wet! Probably very wet! But it will be worth it, as they do a really good job for about ¼ the cost of a stateside dentist.  A piece broke off from one of my upper molars and it has to be fixed!  I had a bridge put in last year and they did an excellent job.

Enough said today

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About a year ago, my sister (Aleta) and I had a discussion about which of us had the biggest butt. Well, of course we couldn’t see our own butt; so we came up with the solution of taking pictures of them. Well you decide!

aleta-306-082.jpg Person #1

patti-306.jpgPerson #2

No Way, I’m not telling which one I am! Ho Ho Ha Ha

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What’s that smell!

Darn, another week has escaped me. I haven’t been very good about posting this week; took me forever to read and comment on other blogs. There have been lots going on lately and more to do this coming week.

   I have been casting about in my mind; trying to come with some thing to blog about. I have a few ideas; so I will just pick one. This particular subject has to do with my baby sister, Aleta (yes baby), after all she is the baby of the family and 5+ years younger than I am, but no where as cute. Ha 

John & I had been up north a couple of years ago, near Yosemite National Park (CALIF) visiting the brat mentioned above. We HAD been having a good time, that is, until we decided to go for a ride in the surrounding hills & valleys of the area where she lives.  Well the three of us set off in the car; John driving, of course; Aleta was in the back seat. 

We turned down this road and that one, the paved road getting narrower and narrower, finally turning into a dirt lane. Over hill and dale we went, through green meadows, across cattle guards, into farm lands, across streams. We were having quite a time of it, lots of good conversation and pretty sights, really enjoying ourselves.  

Then, we went across this little stream; we noticed right away that it had a rather ripe odor! We commented on that topic, discussing what could be causing such a strong disagreeable odor, finally deciding that there must be gas coming from the marshy ground, even though it didn’t look like marsh land.  

After a little while, the odor once again drifted in, this time, worse than before. This kept happening, with the odor getting worse and worse each time. We rolled up the car windows, that didn’t help. The windows began to steam up and our eyes began to smart. We rolled the windows back down to no avail, still the odor came! 

Aleta was very quiet in the back seat, which was unusual for her.  I turned around to look at her to see if she was alright or if she had gotten sick from the smell. There she was; with both hands covering her mouth; trying to keep us from hearing her giggle. Just as I turned to look at her, up she goes on one side and lets it rip, oh, my God! It was her; the stink; the rotten foulness of it all! We almost threw her out of the car. 

 As soon as she realized that we wise to her; she began to howl with laughter! Her eyes started watering; she was laughing so hard!  I thought she was going to have a stroke she was laughing so hard.  I think she even wet her pants!

To this day, we never let her forget what a nasty thing she did to us.      stinky-aleta-resized.jpg

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Believe it or not; this is a picture of my computer screen that I can view (its late at night).


 and here it is again with the screen saver running. The “work in progress” in hidden. As you can see, the screen saver does conceal it nicely!

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Moving South

 re.jpgI got such a great response the last time I put the twins picture up that I thought I would include them more often; sort of just throw them in. This is them at about 2-1/2, they are 3 now.

          Busy, busy today, We move again tomorrow!  Headed to Chula Vista, CA to the Thousand Trails RV Park (Pio Pico). It is way – way out in the boon docks, out past Otay Lakes in the foothills. It is in a flood run off area (the mountains) so spring time can be hazardous, but who cares! We like it there and consider it our “home” park when we are in this area.

          John will drive the rigg to the park, it’s about a hour and a half south of where we are now; say 110 miles @ $2.57 gal of fuel (we get 8 or so miles per gal)  do the math! glug glug glug  $$$$$.   We try not to travel more than 200 – 300 miles every 1-2 weeks when we travel across the country, as we try not to get hit by a huge fuel bill at the end of the month; after all we are retired and on a fixed budget!

          While, he is moving the rig and getting it set up; I will be traveling into San Diego to the Naval Medical Center (a hospital). I need to have some extensive blood work done.  Back in June, I had gastric bypass surgery and have a follow-up next week with my doctor.

          I will also get some grocery shopping done and pick up a few other things before I go to the park. I’m making a list and it is getting longer and longer.

I have lots to do, still trying to get caught up on my paper work and now need to stow things away in prep to move  Gotta run – see ya!

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Happy Birthday Baby!

 Happy Birthday Susan  Go tell Sue Happy Birthday!

          On February, the 14th, in Long Beach, California, late on a Friday afternoon, she entered this world; a little bundle of joy.  We had been expecting her for many months, and awaited her arrival with eager anticipation. She surprised us while her daddy was in San Diego during re-fresher training in preparation for a trip overseas on the USS Valley Forge.susan-lamp-newborn-21463.jpg

          At the time, we didn’t know if she was going to be born a girl or boy,  Susan Marie came easily to our minds; we didn’t bother to pick out a boy’s name. We had confidence that she would be our girl!


          When her brother was born; she always had a loving, protective way with  him. Though they would argue and carry on, she would always be at his side when he needed her.


         One time, as teenagers, they took a road trip together, being gone for several weeks. I’m not sure just how far and just where they went, now that time has passed I forget; but they had a great trip and still talk about it today. During this trip they had a problem with the car; something in the engine area, I believe it was. Rick sat in the car (he knew nothing about the innards of a car at that time in his life), while his sister had her head buried in the engine compartment (she had recently taken a class in auto maintenance), but she really knew next to nothing also. A guy stopped to help them and shook his head as Rick sat in the car, while his sister tried to fix, or at least determine the problem; with her viper look,  she put the guy in his place; not a peep did he say about her brother.

          Over the years, she grew into an argumentative, head strong child. She stayed head strong, but thank goodness she left the argumentative side behind. She had her own way of doing things and nothing else would do. At the same time, she could be sweet and very caring. 
          Somewhere along the way, she became a brownie scout, then a girl scout and finally as an adult, a girl scout leader. She wanted her girls to have the opportunity to become girl scouts also and when finding that there were no troops in the area; she started her own troop. Her determination & preservation provided the willpower to accomplish many things.
          She has a wonderful singing voice and joined one of the chorus groups while in high school. This is one of the talents that she passed on to her girls, her ability to product beautiful sounds.


          She never did leave her childhood completely behind, as she still likes to play and have fun with her family. She loves to do crafts; scrap booking, none can beat her. She has won contests with her scrap booking ability! She can do anything; make anything that her mind can conceive; from cakes to kittens!

          She is a wonderful, caring lady; with a heart as big as the great outdoors. She has grown into the most amazing mother a child could ever long for. She even chose the best man to be her soul mate that was possible!  She makes me & her father proud!  

Happy Birthday Honey! susan.jpg

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       I was out walking in the park yesterday.  It was a beautiful warm sunny day, the sky so blue that the fluffy white clouds stood out like white cotton candy.  

          The sound of ducks quacking and canadian geese honking, lured me to the edge of the canal. I followed the sound along the water, noticing that they were calling to each other as they floated down stream, the sounds getting louder the further we went. I know they were calling me;  inviting me to come along.  When we got down to the end of the canal; I could see that they had invited me to a party!


They wanted me to see their new mates!


This lady was very popular; they all wanted her for their own!


But she had already made her chose; her knight in white shiny armor!

On the way back to the RV; I came across these two ladies playing in the sun.


I told them that I was going home after attending an engagement party! I ask them if they could hear the happy couples chattering.  You should have heard them go off about those blankity, blank  ducks!  With a grin on my face, I informed them that I was going home to get the refreshments for the party.  They threatened me! Can you imagine it! Now what would be wrong with feeding a few ducks?  It sure was fun getting them all worked up! Am I bad!

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Tumbling and Twirling


The Weekend Words Challenge this week-end are Tumble & Twirl. This one is easy!

washing-machine.jpgThis is a picture of our washer/dryer combo.  The clothes tumble around and around in it as long as I will let them.  This is a rare type of machine;brand name “Splendide” made in Italy. It first washes the clothes and then drys-them without removing them from the machine. It sets in a cabinet in the bathroom in our RV.

kathys-wheel-crop-001.jpgThis is our “Kathy’s Wheel” see it twirl and spin in the wind. It has a diameter of approximately 4 feet when fully extended.




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The Teenagers

I thought about what I could use for Kristine’s  SPF Something Red, and finally come up with my granddaughters; I have two sets; the twins (Rick – my son’s) and the teenagers (Susan – my daughter’s). In this case, I’m talking about the teenagers. 
in Her Red Basketball “Sparks” Uniform

Meggie, (13) is my name for her; she is called Mimi by others.  She loves to play basketball and she is very good at it and getting better each season. She has been participating with after school teams since the 3rd grade; she is in the 7th grade now. She also plays soccer ball (I think she likes that best.  I haven’t heard anything about baseball or football, yet!  Not only does she love all of the sports, but they keep her fit and thin.    

            Kaitie in Her Red Karate Uniform

         Kt (15) has been training with Jungyak Moosul (it’s a combination of all the different Karate arts) for about five years.

         As you can see, she is a black belt; in the teenage division. She has the grace and poise of a swan; but I wouldn’t get on her bad side while she has her “weapons” in hand! It won’t be long before she joins the adult division; then everyone better get out of her way. It is a good thing she has such a sweet disposition.

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