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mess.jpgIt’s Thursday already, and it seems that I am just getting started with sorting through my storage stuff and putting it all in “places” in this RV. It is a total mess in here; stuff stacked all over. I feel like I am just moving stuff from one box to another
 My “paper work” i.e. financial paper; all the mail that comes in; and it comes in to quickly for me to keep up with it; anyways all of this stuff needs to be sorted and dealt with. I feel like I am spinning in circles. What is the matter with me? Why can’t I get this stuff organized? Every where I look there is this “stuff”!. I have to get everything put away by Sunday night as we will be moving – traveling down the road in our rv bright and early on Monday. (John likes an early start (groan).

I started out with the thought of organizing and cleaning out my black file box with all of the year or two’s worth of saved receipts, old bills; (I can’t tell you how many times keeping this stuff has saved us from re-paying a bill or the like) I usually save things for 6 – months to a year, but since my husband’s Gastric Bypass in 9/05 and my own Gastric Bypass in 6/06; I have been thrown off track in a lot of areas. 

 The Blue one is ours with all of the signs around it.  Have lots to get done, Its John’s job to get those signs down and put away; but I bet I will be dragged into assistance also.rv-walking-poles-store-at-quartzsite-001.jpg

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