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The Cactus


 At the RV Park, where we are staying, this Saguaro cactus stands towering above the crowd.   It reminds me of a story that happened several years ago.


            My husband and I had taken a trip to Arizona for the week-end.  We spent the time sightseeing, going to a music production and just walking about.


This particular day, we had gone for a long ride into the desert.  After awhile, I found that I was in need of “the facilities”.  After driving for many miles and still not finding a gas station or restaurant handy; I was getting desperate!


Finally, dreading the experience, I had John stop the car so I could find a bush to hide behind. Well there was none up close to the road, so I had to walk a little ways into the desert to reach some foliage. I came to a small ridge, so over the top I went and stopped just on the other side of the crest of this ridge. I was out of sight of the road.


Well I assumed the position. You ladies know what I am talking about!  I was wearing jeans, so it was even harder to keep my clothes from getting wet. I was holding my pants together and away from the “stream”.  I was squatting on the side of a hill remember!  I was trying to keep my balance.  I was facing down the hill. All at once, I lost my balance and started to fall into the flowing “river”.


What a predicament, but yes! There was something tall and solid near me, which, I automatically stuck out my hand to balance myself with, forgetting for the moment that I “mustn’t touch”.


It was the biggest cactus in the area, tall like a Saguaro, but different. It had a billion sharp tiny needles in its hide. As my hand came into contact with it, those billion needles transferred themselves to my hand. Of course, I jerked my hand away, thus continuing my descent to the desert floor and the awaiting “river”.


After getting up and brushing myself off; adjusting my clothes as best I was able under the circumstances, I strolled proudly and with as much dignity as I could manage to the car.


It would have been funny; if my dignity had remained firmly intact and my hand didn’t hurt so much from all of those needles stuck in it. I was pulling those things out of my hand for what seemed weeks.



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