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Double Trouble


               The Weekend Words this week are tough ones (at least I think so) so I am giving you a bit more time. The words are Balance and Parallel.

               I am using the same picture for both words!

              I am using a picture of my three year old, twin granddaughters (Eliza & Ruthie.

             To see more,  go to my son’s  www.pastorrick.wordpress.com   then to “Double Trouble”  Sorry, but,  I don’t know how to make a link to that yet.

               The picture fits the word “parallel” because they grow and develop in a parallel way!   And they “balance” each other out! One distracts you while the other gets into trouble. They are a couple of loveable imps and lots of fun!

Eliza and Ruthie

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Oh, NO

sea-world-06-174.jpgThis morning I was cleaning out my old email and I came across this email that I had written to my baby sister a year or so ago. It’s funny now but not when it was written! I changed it a little for this audience. I thought you would enjoy sharing my misery.

        Guess who the stupidest person in the world is. Wrong it’s me!  

        I was in the process of putting all of my passwords; email addresses and the internet web sites that I visit, and such information on paper to put in my day planner so I would have a permanent copy just in case. 

       I was taking all of this important information from scraps and bits of paper and various lists that I had accumulated and typing it onto the computer. As I entered this information, I would tear up these bits and pieces that I no longer needed.   I wanted to make sure I didn’t lose any of these scraps to prevent them from falling into the hands of criminals and want to be crooks. (You think I am a bit paranoid! Ha! )

       I continued recording all of this vital information.  After I had it all entered and saved, I clicked the X in the upper right hand corner of the screen (you know the one).  A box with a message appeared wanting to know, if I wanted to rename the page.  It also stated, that all information would be written over if I did not save it.   Well, I did not want to rename it; I was happy with what I had called it!    

       Later, I wanted to add something else to this masterpiece.  I pulled up the page.  Oh my God! My password document was just a blank page. I am so –pissed  hmmm   uaah  angry (my daughter- (susan) says I can’t say that!)   Now all I have is this great haystack of little pieces of paper that I had previously torn up!

       Do any of you know how to piece together tiny bits of paper? I sure found that I can’t!  Now, I am trying to re-call all of the information I had written on those bits and pieces.  DARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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