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Ducks & Green Grass

Wow, time sure passes quickly when you aren’t watching it.
We have moved our Motor home from Quartzsite, AZ to Menifee, CA;  that’s in Southern CA about 40 miles south of  Riverside.  We had an uneventful trip from there to here. I’m sure glad we have finally moved.

It is nice here; green grass or something green growing in the fields across the road from us; the sweet aroma of the multiple cattle yards on the left of us; and most fun of all; a canal with lots and lots of mallard ducks floating up and down the stream. Though in the park itself, all of the rigs are sitting in the dirt, there is no grass growing to speak of. I guess we are in the saving water mode. That happens here in southern Calif. a lot. cropped-mallard-duck.jpgruth-ann-ronnie-ducks-007.jpg

We moved on Monday and got everything set up. We got the satellite dish set up this time without any problems, lately we have had some difficulty getting it lined up like it is suppose to be, and sometimes doing this can be problematical; but it went up without a hitch. This satellite is our link to TV land and to the internet! Our cell phone works just fine here, so we do not have to put up the Wilson antenna or use the booster box to add power and range to our phone reception. cropped-satillite-dish.jpg

Tuesday, we traveled to Fontana (near San Bernardino) to see my brother. On the way up there, the driver of another vehicle started slapping his hands together at me and pointing to the passenger side of the car. Of course, we stopped the car and checked out the situation. Yes, we had a rear flat tire.

After much hassle with our insurance company, I found out that our emergency road service wasn’t what I thought it should be! We were suppose to contact a service place and get the service done and then send them the bill and they would take care of it. Well how in the xxxxxx were we to contact someone when we didn’t know the area or who to contact! That is another problem that I will deal with later.

 crop-john-changing-tire.jpgAnyway, John started pulling things out of the trunk to get to the spare and get the tire changed. Sometime later, with the tire changed, we were on the road again. Had a nice visit with my brother and got home again just before dark.

 Yesterday, John took the tire in to get it fixed in the morning. Can you believe it cost twenty dollars to get it repaired? I can remember a time when I was able to get one fixed for free – just with my wonderful looks and personality! Ha Ha  Later in the day, we were back on the road, again headed up to the San Bernardino area to see my life long friend, Ruth (went to jr high school with her). It turned out to be a beautiful day and we had a very good time talking, laughing and reminiscing.  We went to a near by “I Hop” for a late lunch – early dinner and had so much food left over we could have fed an army! What a feed! Home again.  

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