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The Teenagers

I thought about what I could use for Kristine’s  SPF Something Red, and finally come up with my granddaughters; I have two sets; the twins (Rick – my son’s) and the teenagers (Susan – my daughter’s). In this case, I’m talking about the teenagers. 
in Her Red Basketball “Sparks” Uniform

Meggie, (13) is my name for her; she is called Mimi by others.  She loves to play basketball and she is very good at it and getting better each season. She has been participating with after school teams since the 3rd grade; she is in the 7th grade now. She also plays soccer ball (I think she likes that best.  I haven’t heard anything about baseball or football, yet!  Not only does she love all of the sports, but they keep her fit and thin.    

            Kaitie in Her Red Karate Uniform

         Kt (15) has been training with Jungyak Moosul (it’s a combination of all the different Karate arts) for about five years.

         As you can see, she is a black belt; in the teenage division. She has the grace and poise of a swan; but I wouldn’t get on her bad side while she has her “weapons” in hand! It won’t be long before she joins the adult division; then everyone better get out of her way. It is a good thing she has such a sweet disposition.

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