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       I was out walking in the park yesterday.  It was a beautiful warm sunny day, the sky so blue that the fluffy white clouds stood out like white cotton candy.  

          The sound of ducks quacking and canadian geese honking, lured me to the edge of the canal. I followed the sound along the water, noticing that they were calling to each other as they floated down stream, the sounds getting louder the further we went. I know they were calling me;  inviting me to come along.  When we got down to the end of the canal; I could see that they had invited me to a party!


They wanted me to see their new mates!


This lady was very popular; they all wanted her for their own!


But she had already made her chose; her knight in white shiny armor!

On the way back to the RV; I came across these two ladies playing in the sun.


I told them that I was going home after attending an engagement party! I ask them if they could hear the happy couples chattering.  You should have heard them go off about those blankity, blank  ducks!  With a grin on my face, I informed them that I was going home to get the refreshments for the party.  They threatened me! Can you imagine it! Now what would be wrong with feeding a few ducks?  It sure was fun getting them all worked up! Am I bad!

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Tumbling and Twirling


The Weekend Words Challenge this week-end are Tumble & Twirl. This one is easy!

washing-machine.jpgThis is a picture of our washer/dryer combo.  The clothes tumble around and around in it as long as I will let them.  This is a rare type of machine;brand name “Splendide” made in Italy. It first washes the clothes and then drys-them without removing them from the machine. It sets in a cabinet in the bathroom in our RV.

kathys-wheel-crop-001.jpgThis is our “Kathy’s Wheel” see it twirl and spin in the wind. It has a diameter of approximately 4 feet when fully extended.




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