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Happy Birthday Baby!

 Happy Birthday Susan  Go tell Sue Happy Birthday!

          On February, the 14th, in Long Beach, California, late on a Friday afternoon, she entered this world; a little bundle of joy.  We had been expecting her for many months, and awaited her arrival with eager anticipation. She surprised us while her daddy was in San Diego during re-fresher training in preparation for a trip overseas on the USS Valley Forge.susan-lamp-newborn-21463.jpg

          At the time, we didn’t know if she was going to be born a girl or boy,  Susan Marie came easily to our minds; we didn’t bother to pick out a boy’s name. We had confidence that she would be our girl!


          When her brother was born; she always had a loving, protective way with  him. Though they would argue and carry on, she would always be at his side when he needed her.


         One time, as teenagers, they took a road trip together, being gone for several weeks. I’m not sure just how far and just where they went, now that time has passed I forget; but they had a great trip and still talk about it today. During this trip they had a problem with the car; something in the engine area, I believe it was. Rick sat in the car (he knew nothing about the innards of a car at that time in his life), while his sister had her head buried in the engine compartment (she had recently taken a class in auto maintenance), but she really knew next to nothing also. A guy stopped to help them and shook his head as Rick sat in the car, while his sister tried to fix, or at least determine the problem; with her viper look,  she put the guy in his place; not a peep did he say about her brother.

          Over the years, she grew into an argumentative, head strong child. She stayed head strong, but thank goodness she left the argumentative side behind. She had her own way of doing things and nothing else would do. At the same time, she could be sweet and very caring. 
          Somewhere along the way, she became a brownie scout, then a girl scout and finally as an adult, a girl scout leader. She wanted her girls to have the opportunity to become girl scouts also and when finding that there were no troops in the area; she started her own troop. Her determination & preservation provided the willpower to accomplish many things.
          She has a wonderful singing voice and joined one of the chorus groups while in high school. This is one of the talents that she passed on to her girls, her ability to product beautiful sounds.


          She never did leave her childhood completely behind, as she still likes to play and have fun with her family. She loves to do crafts; scrap booking, none can beat her. She has won contests with her scrap booking ability! She can do anything; make anything that her mind can conceive; from cakes to kittens!

          She is a wonderful, caring lady; with a heart as big as the great outdoors. She has grown into the most amazing mother a child could ever long for. She even chose the best man to be her soul mate that was possible!  She makes me & her father proud!  

Happy Birthday Honey! susan.jpg

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