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Moving South

 re.jpgI got such a great response the last time I put the twins picture up that I thought I would include them more often; sort of just throw them in. This is them at about 2-1/2, they are 3 now.

          Busy, busy today, We move again tomorrow!  Headed to Chula Vista, CA to the Thousand Trails RV Park (Pio Pico). It is way – way out in the boon docks, out past Otay Lakes in the foothills. It is in a flood run off area (the mountains) so spring time can be hazardous, but who cares! We like it there and consider it our “home” park when we are in this area.

          John will drive the rigg to the park, it’s about a hour and a half south of where we are now; say 110 miles @ $2.57 gal of fuel (we get 8 or so miles per gal)  do the math! glug glug glug  $$$$$.   We try not to travel more than 200 – 300 miles every 1-2 weeks when we travel across the country, as we try not to get hit by a huge fuel bill at the end of the month; after all we are retired and on a fixed budget!

          While, he is moving the rig and getting it set up; I will be traveling into San Diego to the Naval Medical Center (a hospital). I need to have some extensive blood work done.  Back in June, I had gastric bypass surgery and have a follow-up next week with my doctor.

          I will also get some grocery shopping done and pick up a few other things before I go to the park. I’m making a list and it is getting longer and longer.

I have lots to do, still trying to get caught up on my paper work and now need to stow things away in prep to move  Gotta run – see ya!

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