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What’s that smell!

Darn, another week has escaped me. I haven’t been very good about posting this week; took me forever to read and comment on other blogs. There have been lots going on lately and more to do this coming week.

   I have been casting about in my mind; trying to come with some thing to blog about. I have a few ideas; so I will just pick one. This particular subject has to do with my baby sister, Aleta (yes baby), after all she is the baby of the family and 5+ years younger than I am, but no where as cute. Ha 

John & I had been up north a couple of years ago, near Yosemite National Park (CALIF) visiting the brat mentioned above. We HAD been having a good time, that is, until we decided to go for a ride in the surrounding hills & valleys of the area where she lives.  Well the three of us set off in the car; John driving, of course; Aleta was in the back seat. 

We turned down this road and that one, the paved road getting narrower and narrower, finally turning into a dirt lane. Over hill and dale we went, through green meadows, across cattle guards, into farm lands, across streams. We were having quite a time of it, lots of good conversation and pretty sights, really enjoying ourselves.  

Then, we went across this little stream; we noticed right away that it had a rather ripe odor! We commented on that topic, discussing what could be causing such a strong disagreeable odor, finally deciding that there must be gas coming from the marshy ground, even though it didn’t look like marsh land.  

After a little while, the odor once again drifted in, this time, worse than before. This kept happening, with the odor getting worse and worse each time. We rolled up the car windows, that didn’t help. The windows began to steam up and our eyes began to smart. We rolled the windows back down to no avail, still the odor came! 

Aleta was very quiet in the back seat, which was unusual for her.  I turned around to look at her to see if she was alright or if she had gotten sick from the smell. There she was; with both hands covering her mouth; trying to keep us from hearing her giggle. Just as I turned to look at her, up she goes on one side and lets it rip, oh, my God! It was her; the stink; the rotten foulness of it all! We almost threw her out of the car. 

 As soon as she realized that we wise to her; she began to howl with laughter! Her eyes started watering; she was laughing so hard!  I thought she was going to have a stroke she was laughing so hard.  I think she even wet her pants!

To this day, we never let her forget what a nasty thing she did to us.      stinky-aleta-resized.jpg

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