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I was IM-ing with my sister this morning; we kept getting knocked off line, I hate that, but at least service (quickly) kept popping back on. Don’t you just hate it! We have a internet satellite dish so maybe we are bothered by this problem more than most.

We were chatting away, when all of a sudden she said:   “Oh, no! It’s snowing!”  She doesn’t much like the snow. She gets snow where she lives at least once or twice during the cold months of the year. She usually gets snowed in and has to wait for the snowplow or someone with the ability to climb across the snow to come and take her to work. Remember she lives in the mountains and it can be wicked.

Oh, by the way, after the last two posts; Aleta (my sister) was kind of ticked at me; I just don’t understand why? Woo eee   She was kind of steaming. Glad she can’t get her hands on me!  Ha Ha

We are expecting a big rain storm, (possibility, a thunderstorm) to come in sometime today. It is suppose to really pour; and we are parked in a flood plain, oh my! It’s just another adventure to look forward to.

The rain will probably come about the time we are going to
Tecate, Mexico to the dentist. I know that we are going to get wet! Probably very wet! But it will be worth it, as they do a really good job for about ¼ the cost of a stateside dentist.  A piece broke off from one of my upper molars and it has to be fixed!  I had a bridge put in last year and they did an excellent job.

Enough said today

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