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Rick’s Here

The bad rain storm that we were expecting finally got here on Thursday, late in the evening. So thank goodness, we didn’t get wet while we were inTecate, Mexico, at the dentist office. I got a temporary filling put in my mouth and we made it back home before the storm arrived. It turned out that the storm was no where near as bad as we thought it would be; no flooding.


We have been waiting for months for our son; Rick, to get here from
South Carolina. It’s been almost a year since we seen him last. Anyways, he got in late yesterday afternoon and was very tired and hungry when he got off of the plane.

He rented a car at the airport; got checked into his hotel and registered with the seminar people that he was here to see; then he found a restaurant. It turned out that while John & I were having lunch in Marie Calendar’s; he was eating lunch at an El Salvadorian Restaurant, (His twin daughters were adopted from El Salvador last June.)  We finally met up at Marie Calendar’s. He had a head start getting to his restaurant before we got to ours. It seems like very bad planning, but that’s how it worked out.   

He has a work seminar here in San Diego that he is attending this week. His seminar & transportation were paid for compliments of the church where he is the Children’s Minister.  At least once; sometimes twice a year they send him somewhere for church related seminars. They all love him there. Check out his photo blog site and Double Trouble (twin girls).

So far, we do not know his schedule so don’t know how often or when we will be able to see him.  Well at least we will see lots of him and his family later this year when we go to South Carolina.


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