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My sister (Aleta) sent me a couple of pages from a diary that I had been keeping for a few years. Every so often, I would print out a story from it and send it to her; to remind her of the MESSES that she got me into.  She thought that I should include this one in my postings. I think that you will enjoy my mutterings! So here goes; almost word for word.

Dear Diary.

John, Aleta & I went for a ride a couple of days ago. We got home safely, but it’s a miracle.

I shall call this road, “Oh My God Highway”. We turned onto this road, actually (Highway 49) up near Aleta’s area of the country(Mariposa, CA) it started out really nice. We followed it into Mariposa, on through town and out the other side, it was hilly and curvy, then gradually started to climb – it started out being a eight lane highway (“<>”) — it seemed to be nice anyways – – the higher we drove, the narrower it got, the curves got tighter & tighter – we had to drive on the center line (you know the white one that separates the lanes) to keep all four tires on the road. This one curve where I looked back—I swear I could see the rear end of our car from the side mind you – I tell you, that gave me a start, as we hadn’t got all the way around the curve, and between the front & the back of the car was this huge deep drop off—it was mind boggling – while I was looking back, I lifted my eyes from the road up to look at Aleta – I didn’t know her eyes could bug out that far!  She had a death grip on the door handle and the other grasped the back of John’s neck, no wonder he was going so slow!

All the while – John kept talking about bringing the RV up this narrow road. I started wondering how much it would cost to fly back to South Carolina where it’s flat & the roads are straight and my sane, sensible son lives. I have to escape these crazy people!

Well, I finally stopped saying “Oh my God”, when we came to this little town. Of course, we had no idea where we were. We stopped to talk to a gal walking along the road. Aleta & I told her we were lost, but, John insisted that we were only disorientated. She told us how to get back home – also how great this restaurant called; “The House Boat” was, so of course, nothing else would do, we went off to find this great restaurant, with this great food.

We had hamburgers & Marconi salad. Let me tell you, if you are ever in the area of La Grange and you see a restaurant called , The House Boat – run, do not walk in the other direction as fast as you can,  before you get suckered in. Aleta & I took most of our food home & fed the dog and then ate some cereal – that cereal sure was good!   So here goes; almost word for word.  ANOTHER FINE MESS YOU GOT ME INTO, ALETA!!

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Gone in the Night

Another story from the past!

On day last week, (actually a year ago) Jenny (Aleta’s dtr) called and told Aleta about this refrigerator for sale by a man & gave her his phone number and told her to call him.  Aleta needs a refrigerator – well Aleta calls & we are off to check this out. (Aleta & I) Of course it was about 20 minutes before it would be pitch black outside – and we had a 40 minute drive just to get there – but off we go — we drive & we drive – Aleta makes two phone calls, trying to narrow our search for this elusive narrow road, through a gate with the number 1906,  looking for a Blue House on top of a hill quite a ways from the road. The man said watch the traffic when we cross the road to turn into this gate. Well,- finally we see the gate – nope wrong one – this went on a few times, but finally we found the right one. We just came over the crest of a hill – half way around a curve & there it was, of course the traffic could not see us from behind or in front of us, now get this, this gate led into a field – looked like hay or something like that – about knee high growing there,  a path going off into the distance, it was like a track with tall grass growing in the center of this lane/path. The gate was open – looked like one that farmers used to get equipment into the field. We see this small house sitting up there in the dark and in tall weeds, it was all dark about – we sat there in the road discussing if this was the right place or not, and talked about the fact that no one knew where we were — well, we pulled across the street and into this path and started up, the grass is scraping under the car, and along the doors. – Finally a light comes on up there – now is that good or bad? Up we go, we go around the back of this hill, no one can see us, its pitch black out, can’t see – only the ruts ahead of us, talking about serial killers and such like – wondering what in the heck we are doing here. Around & around the hill we climb up – no way to turn around and go back, finally in the back of the house – facing away from the street – these two huge dogs come tearing up to the car – they are very quiet – we see no one – -can we get out of the car – do we want to get out of the car – we get out – the dogs try to lick us to death – finally a man & a woman come out of the house – the man has a beard – like Manson – his mate is dark & heavy – they are both quiet, they take us into the garage – show us the refrig – a big one – a very big one- Aleta is standing near it – the man opens the door – the woman slams into the back of Aleta, pushing her into the refrig then slams the door shut on her – the last thing I seen was the hammer coming down toward my head. There was to much blood on the frig to be of use to Aleta.  ANOTHER FINE MESS YOU GOT ME INTO ALETA  

To be continue in next posting!

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