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Susan sent me a instant message this morning. At which time, I expressed my frustration to her about my lack of ideas for blogging. I was trying to come up with something special.  She told me to write like I use to when I would send letters to her and my family. She told me that she uses her blog to keep a written record of the everyday happenings in her life.  

That is basically what I did in the form of letters (postal type) when I was separated from my husband while he was out to sea in years gone by.  My parents and siblings lived in different areas of the country. I use to write them long letters, sad & frustrated letters, amusing letters, mundane letters. I would entertain them with exaggerated events that occurred in my life and in the lives of my children while they still lived at home. 

  Nothing was sacred, I would write about anything and everything, telling a story, painting a picture with words.

 Sometimes it was about nothing more then watching a tree; watching it move gracefully as the wind blew through its golden green leaves, leaves, one then another dropping and floating, zigzagging back and forth on their journey to the ground; seeing the limbs bend to and fro as the wind kissed it and hugged it in its embrace. The sky, pale blue, lingered, hovering like a proud mama in the background, while her child performed some little accomplishment.  So this is what I shall attempt to do, record my thoughts; my letters, if you will; about all of the little things, little things that I see, things that strike a cord in my soul, that mark a  moment of happiness, a moment of sadness, joy or frustration.  

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