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A Little Beastie

This morning as I sat in my chair, in front of my computer, by the window, I noticed this little animal (a mole, I think) poking its head up out of a hole in the ground. It was about four – five inches long with a little round body the color of the sandy dirt that it lives in. Its fur looked soft like a very plush carpet. I had the biggest urge to reach out and touch it, to pick it up and pet it. I know that was a definite no-no.

           As I sat watching it, it would poke its head up and look around in all directions, listening for that ever present threat to its existence. Then, it would stretch a short ways out and grab a tidbit of something lying on the ground and swiftly duck back into its hole.  

I grabbed up my camera and tried to capture its image from the window, darn the screen was in the way, and the tinted glass didn’t make for a good photo.

After a little while, it got brave enough to crawl all the way out and make a quick grab for that special something it was eating, at least I think it was eating the items it was gathering.

 It was during one of these maneuvers that I had the opportunity to snap a shot of the little creature while it was completely out of its hidey hole.

             Quickly moving to the door for a better view, I waited until the little beastie had dropped back into its hole, and then quick as a wink, I slipped down the stairs, settling to a seated position on the last step. I still wasn’t close enough to get a really good picture; my camera has a weak telephoto lens.

I tried moving to the side of our car, which was closer to the critter, trying to fade into the side of the car; but the little beast was to smart for me. I thought that it might make a repeat performance, but alas, I had seen the last of it. I tried to wait it out, but I had no patience this morning.

There are several little holes about two inches or so wide around the area where it was dining. I wonder if they are this little creature’s handiwork or if it has an extended family hiding under the ground awaiting their turn at the breakfast table. I will leave it now to its breakfast.


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