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       I had gone to one of the swap meets at the last park where we stayed and a lady was selling these table covers. They appeared very easy to make – so I decided that I would keep myself busy and also make a little money at the same time by making and selling these covers.  

       This week I cut out covers for small & medium size tables for use outside.  These tables usually sit between lawn chairs outside RV’s and fifth wheels in  the RV parks and are very popular.  

That said:

This is how my day went yesterday! I was IMing with my sister. 

I have cut out most of her comments from this dialog! 

I am having a hell of a time!

And it isn’t a hell of a good time

Well! I was planning on sewing up my table covers!

I have 3 small ones and 1 medium one cut out.

I got out the sewing machine.

Then couldn’t remember how to use the dam thing;

Sewing Machine that I hadn’t used that often

Couldn’t remember how to use the spool winder, 

couldn’t even find it on the machine!

Then i had to find the instruction manual,

finally found that! 

Found the instructions for the winder;

wound up a spool of thread.

did it wrong  

had to cut all of the thread off of the spool

finally did it right

had to thread the needle

couldn’t see a hole in the needle

let alone stick a thread through it

A lady came over and plopped her butt down in front of me,

John had invited her over,

I kept thinking thoughts to her   

go home!    go home!

finally I went in for water and a pee –

went back out there  woman still there

tried to find  the hole in needle again

still can’t see it

woman finally left

John then took over and threaded the hole

he did it backwards

he had to do it again,

thread needed to go in the other direction

I am having a hell of a time

But! i did get the laundry hung upI can see that this project might take me a while:

Sister: do you have one of those little metal threaders?

Me: yes, but have you ever tried to stick one of those wires in a piece of wire (needle) that is just a little bigger then it (threader) is,

then you see two needles almost on top of each other instead of just one,  

knowing that there is a hole in it and not sure which way the hole is 

front to back or side to side

anyway I still can’t see a  hole in it,

but I know it is there cause,

i see a thread  going through the needle


IM from my sister     🙂

 are you sure it is going through the needle ?  i would hate for you to think you are sewing something and get almost finished and find out there is no thread in it   

john sewed a little with it  

so I know it is making a seam, 

I just can’t see the thread in the material,

but since it is sticking together, it must be there (the seam)

I guess i will just have to sew with the machine more often,

so I will remember what the heck I am doing

and I must get my eyes checked, again

well I am doing it outside on the picnic table,

lots of sun light, and fresh air


— someone might hear me

It’s bad enough that my hair is sticking out all over 

from my pulling at it in frustration 


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