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A few weeks ago, I was busily picking up “things” that had wondered away from their normal resting places and returning them to their homes. One of these items was John’s camera that I had been using (I think) anyways, I placed it on top of my stack of stuff, carrying it past the bathroom door, when wham it landed on it’s nose (lens). Guility I quickly scooped it up, brushed it off and with a sigh of relief quickly placed it in its proper resting place. Forgetting about it, I was off after some more clutter. when noting that there was a little thingee lying on the floor in front of the bathroom door, after closer observation I noticed that it looked like something from that darn camera, so I went to investigate, sure enough, it fit over the lens area, no harm , all better, right, back I go    and again find something on the floor by the bathroom, and again find another piece, but this one won’t go on the camera, what to do!  Finially, I humblely confess to that husband of mine, that I had broken his camera, (it was a accident of course)!  And since he is such a wonderful man he wasn’t even mad! 

A few weeks later we went looking for a camera   one for him and one for me. We followed our son-in-law’s advise and went to Camera West and there I found the camera that I wanted, a easy to operate one with a long Zoom lens. No SLR for me, thank you very much! I need the auto focus! So now I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ3, it is perfect, has a 10x optical zoom and lots of other what nots  that eventually I will check into. It takes great pictures! and after a while of looking John ended up with the same camera, at least my camera case is different then his. I got mine from Camera West and I bought his from Costco! I get free lessons with mine and since I have enough tickets I let him come along also, maybe between the two of us, we will learn something useful. Even the very knowledgeable, Shaun, says: the camera is a good one! 

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