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poor-old-stove2.jpgYesterday, Susan (dtr) and I went store hopping. First we went to Costco Home Store, then to Sears, then to Lowe’s. We looked at a wide variety of cooking stoves.Susan has needed to replace her stove since before the dawn of the century. She loves keeping old things! She presently has an electric range that is about fifty years old with only two of the four burners still working, and the oven door creaks when it is opened, sounds like Halloween has come around again! It sounds like it is in pain, it probably is! And the storage compartment; the door hangs sort of lopsided with rust gathering in the floor of the drawer. I tried to get her to shoot it and put it out of its misery, but alas she just loves the poor thing to much. But now that she is down to two working burners, the third one developing a short or some sort of thing; it has become a fire hazard and she has finally accepted the fact that she has to replace it! Finally, I think! 

 I had Sue take this picture and email it to me. Now that was a mistake. She propped up the storage door! and I don’t know what else! 

 Sorry but I could not get this darn picture to upload until today; something to do with the Hughes Internet Sat. and the weather.

We looked at gas stoves and electric stoves. Sears seems to have the best selection. We discovered that it will cost pennies lacking three hundred dollars to have a gas line put in for the first 25 feet then eight nine dollars per 25 ft after that. Prices vary from about $250 upwards of $2500. There are some really nice  ones to chose from. Now she has to make a big decision whether gas or electric and take the big step to order it!

Now I need all of you out there in blog land to help me make sure she gets a replacement for this old thing soon! Since I will be leaving the area this week I will not be able to give her my full support of nagging; so of course I need your help! So now come on all of you tell her to get a new stove!

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