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A couple of weeks ago my dear grand-daughters  had the opportunity to participate in a spectacular performance presented by their school orchestra. One plays the violin and the other the viola. My pictures are not that good as I still have not caught the knack of using my new camera, but I try and I am learning more all of the time!  This is Kt. She is a long ways off and my camera just could not do her justice! June 21, 2007 056 This Mimi just to the left of the conductor’s left shoulder and KT just to the right of his right shoulder. This photo was taken at a zoom 10x.  I am sure that I moved the camera. kt playing her viola. cropped jpgKt

Mimi with violin Mimi

 June 21, 2007 048 This is their proud mama!

June 21, 2007 076 These are their proud papa and grandpa!  If you look close you can see me taking the picture!  no! I really enjoyed the whole performance. It was a fun evening. June 21, 2007 091 These two girls each started their career with musical instruments when they were in the 4th grade, having to get up earlier then their classmates; catch a school bus near their house which  took them to the middle school for the music lessons, attended  their class before school started and then rode another bus back to their elementary school. Now I call that dedication!!! Both of these girls have voices that would get them into any choir, but they chose the instrument! I love to hear them play and sing, but they won’t do either very often without the group behind them. Darn them anyway. See more about them at Sue’s Blog.

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