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I have had more trouble with my computer since I started blogging then all of the years before. This time I couldn’t get into my computer due to a new wireless keyboard and mouse. They both just quite working!  I was having fits! I think it was Shaun’s fault; he must have put a hex on me. Yep I just know that he did! Well the Feisty  Redhead (my granddaughter) was here for a few days. I think she left her cell phone to close to the wireless keyboard/mouse receiver and some how the wireless waves got mixed up and upset everything; after leaving the receiver on the floor well away from everything it straightened itself out and we are back in business again. So I didn’t miss many days of posting! Mimi went home today and left her older sister (The lovely blond) in her place. Now this one is telling me what to do! She has this book “Twilight” by Stephenie Meyer that she insists that I read! She wouldn’t even give me a brief on the book; she sure is bossy!

All of us; their mama (Sue), grandpa & myself and the two monsters in disguise went for a hike up the mountain this afternoon! What a beautiful view! I made some sandwiches and grandpa carried them in his day pack. We had a little picnic at the top of the ridge. It was awl-inspiring up there. The mountains were so close, walking across the sky, with some of them snow covered & all of them forested with pine; wild flowers were in abundance, the air was rich with the fresh air scent of pine & wild flowers and even the needles and moss underfoot. We were following a well worn path winding its way to the top of the ridge where a American flag, a wooden scenic overview, and a couple of picnic table waited for us. There  also was a surprise waiting for us up in a couple of trees.

Trails of  Leavonworth RV Park 089 Trails of  Leavonworth RV Park 082 Trails of  Leavonworth RV Park 034 Trails of  Leavonworth RV Park 037

What do you think?Want to take a walk on the high side!

It was a wonderful afternoon! Then all to soon Sue and Mimi had to leave for home; leaving KT to show me a thing or two on the computer, my camera and how to feed my NeoPet! Yes I have one via Mimi!

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