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  Crazy Horse crop 154  The Memorial is a mountain-sized statue of an Indian man and warhorse that’s as long as a cruise ship and taller than a 60 story skyscraper.

     Korczak Ziolkowski  Borchof 

He began the creation of the world’s largest sculpture on June 3, 1948. The effort continues today through the efforts of his widow and their ten children. 


Crazy Horse Crop 157 This statue was created by   Korczak as he imagined the finished memorial to be. 


Mt Rushmore crop 149  

 It is  a ongoing project that will take many years to finish.


 Korczak Ziolkowski was asked by the Lakota Indian Chiefs to build a monument that would stand for all Indian Nations of North America. He accepted this tribute and the monument was started.

He met and married his wife, Ruth during his work on the memorial. They had ten children while working on the monument.  

He died before the huge project could be completed. After his premature death, the project has been carried on by his wife and children. The children were using the huge jack hammers before they were able to handle them alone;  taking two kids to operate the large powerful tools.

The grounds contain a large museum dedicated to Indian artifacts, and educating the public of the life and history of the Indian Nations.

There is plenty of food areas, in the form of a restaurant and snack bars, and free coffee is always available.

There are many opportunities to purchase souvenirs.  Tables have been set up to display many fine and well-made Indian products, leather goods, jewelry made from fine gems and other substances; books written by the people that have lived there.

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Susan has tagged me for this meme. Now you have to bear with me as I am new at doing this sort of thing. So here goes:

1. I love nature. It gives me a feel of calmness and enjoyment when I can be out in the trees and flowers.

2. I love the mountains. Though I was born in mostly a flat land area, I think that I would become mighty bored with the endless flatness of some parts of the country side. It feels like a challenge to my mind to see all of the ups and downs in the mountain areas and to think about how it all came about.

3. I had a gastric bypass a year ago. It was mostly to correct a hyper-gastric condition of my stomach and I was able to benefit from the weight loss side effects. I lost 45 pounds in the first few months. It sure is a hard way to lose weight!

4. The second toe on both of my feet are longer than my big toes. Its a genetic thing.

5. I dislike the artificial flavor of strawberry. Now figure this – strawberries – are ok! I just don’t like the flavoring added to anything else.

6. I’m a blond, along with one of my brothers. My parents & sisters & one brother are all dark headed. Maybe it is the English ancestry that did it. Both my mother and one of my sisters are olive skinned, and look Indian. We have a distance female relative that was Cherokee Indian.  

7. I have been blessed with being able to do the old time handicrafts such as; embroidery, knitting, crochet, sewing.

8. I strongly dislike cleaning up messes, but someone has to do it! enough said!

Now I believe I am suppose to pass this meme on. Here are the lucky people: 


1. Laura of Vitamin Sea  

2. Lynne of Jersey Girl  

3.  Kt of The Amazingly, Interesting Life of Me

4.  Annie of My Life as Annie

5.  Graymama of The Beauty of Gray


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The other day we visited Mount Rushmore National Memorial. It is located in the southwestern corner of SD; just off of Highway 244

It is nestled in the Black Hills; formed from Harney Peak granite, which is so hard that it erodes only one inch every 10,000 years. 

The sculpture was started on Oct.4, 1927 by Gutzon Borghum Gutzon Borgiumand ended Oct 31, 1941; taking 14 years to complete. Major carving on the sculpture ended in the spring of 1941 when the federal funds ran out and Gutzon Borghum died. The total cost was $989,992.32- nearly a million dollars.

We took this walking path called; the President’s Trail. It circles around through the wooded area and takes a person closer to the mountain. We climbed up and down and up and down.Climbing Those Stairs2 This path of 250 stair steps  was strenuous and difficult for some, but it was well worth the effort to get closer to observe this magnificent work. I also discovered, again, that I am no longer a young lady!

It truly is awesome to think that this was sculptured by a mortal man. The full sculpture is 185 across and 150 ft tall. What talent to be able to comprehend and then form this symbol of America. 

   Pres 2 crop Borglum chose the above men because he felt that they represented 150 years of American history, including the birth, growth, preservation and development of this country.  Our Presidents: George Washington(birth of country), Thomas Jefferson(expansion with Louisiana Purchase), Abraham Lincoln(Preservation of union) & Theodore Roosevelt(development of Panama Canal).

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I need to know just how many photos I can publish in a blog; as I seem to be having problems with this issue; can anyone help? There is a limit to the total size of a post in WordPress; but I don’t remember what it was or how to tell the size of the post that I am working on. I am having trouble publishing posts with several photos attached.

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Round & About

We are currently staying at Rushmore Shadows Resort, a RV Park located in the southwestern part of South Dakota. We are staying in this park as this part of the state has great features for the entertainment of all; we plan to see a lot of it!

Right next door to us is a place called McDonalds Farm. It appears to be a petting zoo of sorts. We have not gone there, so I can’t tell for sure.

 A couple of miles down the road is Bear Country, a wild animal zoo through which you drive your vehicle. 

Driving a few more miles will take you to a huge Reptile House, Mt. Rushmore National Monument, Chief Crazy Horse Monument, Custer National Park, National Museum of Woodcarving, just to name a few of the sights in this area.

I will be telling you about several of them in the future posts- maybe!

Digital cameras are great as I have no control and snap anything that catches my eye. Now I have the monumental task of choosing which ones to keep. The photos will be in the other articles I write about. Now look at the post beneath this one to read about Mt Rushmore.

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Okay, I cry Uncle!  Give me a break please– please who ever is in charge of hot– please make it go away. 

It is hotter than hell here! And it is suppose to get up to 107 today. Now when you live in a small box that adds up to be about 150 degrees or so it feels.

John and I have this ongoing thing with the air conditioning — me: the more the better — him: get use to the heat. I become incapacitated when it gets to hot; some would say I was incapacitated all of the time! But what do they know!

Yesterday, I left the air conditioner off until the thermostat read 99 then, I could not stand it any longer– I had to have some comfort.

I use to be able to tolerate the heat a lot more before menopause hit me- way back when. Now I am a wimp when it comes to heat. Now is this just me or does all of you ladies out there have this problem?

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Yesterday, John & I took a trip to the grocery store.

We are staying in a RV park near Rapid City, SD just off Highway 16 which is a divided highway with two lanes each way.

The road went through quite a hilly area and was quite curvy. So off we went on this big highway, the traffic was light and there still was daylight.The sky was a little gray with a few rain drops visiting us; it had sputtered most of the night.

 It wasn’t long into our trip when we heard the loud claps of thunder and were regaled with a brilliant lighting show. The sky became very dark and ominous. 

The rain started  coming down very hard; the traffic was slowing and getting thicker. It was getting darker and it was getting harder to see through the rain.  What with the thunder; the crack of the lightening;  and the beat of the rain it was loud and very nerve racking! Soon we couldn’t see very well through the wind shield. Talk about a scary movie scene, this could be one!  Cars were pulled to the shoulder of the highway; their headlights were on and emergency lights were flashing all along the highway.

We, of course, kept going in the high speed lane. Finally, we too, tried to join the lane of stopped traffic on the shoulder. We pulled into a slot and stopped the car. Suddenly, I heard John say; what the hell!  At the same time, I noticed that we were sliding backwards and toward the edge of the shoulder and the drop off past it.

Finally, after what seemed like a eternity we came to rest there on the side of the road. Shakily; we waited in the typhoon (well, it seemed like one) along with the rest of the folk for the rain to stop. Finally it cleared enough so that the traffic could once again continue on it’s way. I believe that was the worse rain storm that I have ever witnessed, at least from the front seat of a car. I hope it is the last one.  

And to think that I could have been home curled up on my bed reading a good book!

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Before you read this post read “Bison in the Park” in the prior posting.  I had to split the post to get it to publish.

I was looking at at least three large bulls, several females and even some babies.  Those bulls, were staying between John & myself and those females and babies. 

They didn’t need to worry, I wasn’t planning on going anywhere’s near them! But I sure was worried about where they planned on going!



Finally, they moved past us, that is after they climbed that hill that we had been on and then went down some where and moved down that trail I had been on. They crossed the parking lot, moved out into the street and blocked a car that had stopped for them. I am sure glad that I wasn’t in that car, they were very close to it! And they looked like they might have a head to head talk with that car! But finally they moved on across the road and out of sight. We sure are having fun! Gulp!

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I have been trying to get this to publish since Monday – so far it keeps giving me a time out error. So I will split it in have and try that! 


7/15   Continuing with my story about the Roosevelt Park:

We (John & I) stopped at one of the camp grounds where we discovered the trail head for Little Mo Trail. It was 1.1 miles long, with .7 of that length, paved for the use of wheelchair bound tourists.

Even though it was hotter then hell out there, I started out behind my trail beater. It was easy going – for awhile, the trail wound in and out around the brush, with numbered posts referring back to the pamphlet that we picked up from the way station holder – anyway it told what was what on the trail.

After a while, we came to a high overlook, looking down and out we could see the river below us; it was a wide stream lazily flowing along. It was quiet there and peaceful with no one around for miles, or so it seemed!

Finally the trail split, the easy going one, turning and heading back to the parking lot, the other turned into a very narrow, grass matted path leading up, up and over a hill.

I decided that I would go back to the car, while my macho man went out into the wild blue golden yonder!

Well, I hadn’t gone very far, when I heard John call to me; I couldn’t understand what he was saying, finally I heard “come”.  


So being the adventurous soul that I am – ha – I reluctantly turned around and back tracked to that skinny trail, and can you believe it! It had even gotten skinner. some how!

So up I climbed, up to the top of that hill, huffing and puffing my way along! Now why was I doing this! Oh, I remember – to have fun! Yes that’s it having fun! 

John pointed down to the river, pointing out bison crossing the river, quite away’s away. No sweat they were along ways away! Wow, those suckers were huge, even at such a distance I could see that!

Bison Roosevelt National Park North Unit Roosevelt National Park North Unit 037

John pointed down to the path that I had been on – to a double set of paths, vehicle trail I guess, Roosevelt National Park North Unit 054

which crossed the path that I had just left. So looking further along that vehicle trail, I see! What! Oh no! Big, huge, shaggy things! Bison, bison were coming up the trail toward my trail!

While I was taking some pictures, they snuck up on me, and with the sun shining in my eyes it was hard to see if I even got them center by the camera eye.

 What! how did they cover that much ground!  And those things were moving fast! It was time to get a move on – get up higher on the trail. I would be safe up there!

More pictures taken, more miles of trail behind me, then I noticed piles of poop on the trail – what Bison poop! How did they get up here?

Roosevelt National Park North Unit 135

To be continued….. 

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7/15  We got off to a late start today; left the RV at one in the afternoon, and you can imagine how hot it was outside; I don’t know for sure what the temperature was, but, my face turned red and I was dripping – I didn’t know that I could do that! At least, the mosquitoes left me alone! I am not sure what that means!

This park is divided into two parts; North and South Units. We drove several miles until we come to the park entrance, flashed our Golden Pass Card at the ranger and went happily on our way down this narrow two lane road.

The land formation was so varied that it kept us guessing what the topographical lay of the land would be around the next curve in the road. We would see these towering bluffs, that had what they called slump blocks; they were huge sections of bluff that gradually slide intact to the valley floor – they tilt as the section slides off and slump.

Slump Bluffs Roosevelt National Park North Unit   Slump Bluffs

It is kind of hard to show you! Had trouble with the sun shining into the camera – couldn’t tell for sure what I was taking a picture of! Anyway’s…..moving on

There would be plains full of mid-height grass, golden ripe with heads heavy with next year’s bounty.

Grass Covered Plains Roosevelt National Park North Unit  

The rock in the picture was carried by the glaciers coming down from Canada some 60 million years ago.

  There were batches of purple clusters of Asters, mixed with what looked like Black- Eyed Susans, past their prime, as their black buttons noses stood tall and their yellow faces drooping low, growing in the meadows and along the road ways.

Asters in Roosevelt National Park North Unit Black eyed Susans Roosevelt National Park North Unit

We would come to numerous pullouts along the side of the road, usually with a large brown wooden sign or two explaining different things about the area that they were posted near.

Signs Roosevelt National Park North Unit 022

My, I have gotten carried away with this post; so I will have to tell you about the exciting experience next time – see you tomorrow, same time, same place.

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