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Over the last couple of weeks,  we continued our travels from Leavenworth, Washington on SR 2 staying for four days in a RV Park at the outskirts of Glacier National Park. We made day trips up into the mountains into the Park.

Glacier National Monument 279 This is a view of the side of our RV looking out toward the mountains. These mountains are  the little ones!

It was truly beautiful to behold the mountains, streams, and lakes in the region; just breath taking! Especially going around the curves on that skinny road, where it seemed that we hung out over the valley below. Glacier National Monument 168 If you look closely, you can see the road, those are red tour vehicles ahead of us going around the curve.

Glacier National Monument 113 This is a shot of the glaciers! Surprisingly,  it was not cold here! It was hard capturing good shots of the glaciers due to the whiteness of the ice fields and the haziness of the sky.  I had a really hard time getting as many good photos as I wanted, I finally climbed into the back seat of the car so I could dart from side to side of the car to take the pictures. There were just so many vistas crying out to have their picture taken!

 Glacier National Monument 082 Glacier National Monument 267  Glacier National Monument 052 If you look closely at the mountain side – about the middle on the left side you will see  a white blot. Glacier National Monument 132

Now look at the enlargement. It reveals two mountain goats that crossed the road and climbed up the face of the mountain side – all within the blink of your eye!Glacier National Monument Mtn GoatCropped

We took a short hike down the side of the mountain to a fast moving creek/stream to see this water falls.  Crossing this foot bridge in the process. Glacier National Monument 046  Glacier National Monument 044 At a distance that little bridge looked like it was only a 2×4 board across the middle support; but in reality it was five 2x4s wide. and the water was deeper than it looks from the photo.

We had a wonderful time and if you have a chance to go to this park;  I highly recommend it.

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