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7/15  We got off to a late start today; left the RV at one in the afternoon, and you can imagine how hot it was outside; I don’t know for sure what the temperature was, but, my face turned red and I was dripping – I didn’t know that I could do that! At least, the mosquitoes left me alone! I am not sure what that means!

This park is divided into two parts; North and South Units. We drove several miles until we come to the park entrance, flashed our Golden Pass Card at the ranger and went happily on our way down this narrow two lane road.

The land formation was so varied that it kept us guessing what the topographical lay of the land would be around the next curve in the road. We would see these towering bluffs, that had what they called slump blocks; they were huge sections of bluff that gradually slide intact to the valley floor – they tilt as the section slides off and slump.

Slump Bluffs Roosevelt National Park North Unit   Slump Bluffs

It is kind of hard to show you! Had trouble with the sun shining into the camera – couldn’t tell for sure what I was taking a picture of! Anyway’s…..moving on

There would be plains full of mid-height grass, golden ripe with heads heavy with next year’s bounty.

Grass Covered Plains Roosevelt National Park North Unit  

The rock in the picture was carried by the glaciers coming down from Canada some 60 million years ago.

  There were batches of purple clusters of Asters, mixed with what looked like Black- Eyed Susans, past their prime, as their black buttons noses stood tall and their yellow faces drooping low, growing in the meadows and along the road ways.

Asters in Roosevelt National Park North Unit Black eyed Susans Roosevelt National Park North Unit

We would come to numerous pullouts along the side of the road, usually with a large brown wooden sign or two explaining different things about the area that they were posted near.

Signs Roosevelt National Park North Unit 022

My, I have gotten carried away with this post; so I will have to tell you about the exciting experience next time – see you tomorrow, same time, same place.

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    7/15   Today we drove into Theodore Roosevelt National Park. It is divided up into 2 parks; a north unit and a south unit. Today we toured the northern unit. This park is located in the western part of North Dakota; in the wilderness of the badlands.

Roosevelt National Park North Unit 005 Roosevelt National Park North Unit 006

Roosevelt first came to the badlands in Sept. 1883. Before returning home to New York he became interested in the cattle business and  joined two other men as partners in the Maltese Cross Ranch. 

The next year he returned and established a second open-range ranch, the Elkhorn, as his own operation while continuing as a Maltese Cross partner.

The Elkhorn became his principal residence, a place where he could lead the “strenuous life: that he loved. Here he sharpened and refined his interests in nature and conservation.

Conservation increasingly became one of his major concerns.

When he became President in 1901, he established the U.S. Forest Service and by signing the 1905 Antiquities Act under which he proclaimed 18 national monuments. He also got Congressional approval for the establishment of five national parks and 51 wildlife refuges and set aside land as national forests.

Roosevelt is remembered with a national park that honors the memory of this great conservationist.

Roosevelt National Park North Unit 024 Roosevelt National Park North Unit 036 Tomorrow, I will tell you about the exciting experience that we had while taking a walk on one of the many trails in the area.

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