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I have been trying to get this to publish since Monday – so far it keeps giving me a time out error. So I will split it in have and try that! 


7/15   Continuing with my story about the Roosevelt Park:

We (John & I) stopped at one of the camp grounds where we discovered the trail head for Little Mo Trail. It was 1.1 miles long, with .7 of that length, paved for the use of wheelchair bound tourists.

Even though it was hotter then hell out there, I started out behind my trail beater. It was easy going – for awhile, the trail wound in and out around the brush, with numbered posts referring back to the pamphlet that we picked up from the way station holder – anyway it told what was what on the trail.

After a while, we came to a high overlook, looking down and out we could see the river below us; it was a wide stream lazily flowing along. It was quiet there and peaceful with no one around for miles, or so it seemed!

Finally the trail split, the easy going one, turning and heading back to the parking lot, the other turned into a very narrow, grass matted path leading up, up and over a hill.

I decided that I would go back to the car, while my macho man went out into the wild blue golden yonder!

Well, I hadn’t gone very far, when I heard John call to me; I couldn’t understand what he was saying, finally I heard “come”.  


So being the adventurous soul that I am – ha – I reluctantly turned around and back tracked to that skinny trail, and can you believe it! It had even gotten skinner. some how!

So up I climbed, up to the top of that hill, huffing and puffing my way along! Now why was I doing this! Oh, I remember – to have fun! Yes that’s it having fun! 

John pointed down to the river, pointing out bison crossing the river, quite away’s away. No sweat they were along ways away! Wow, those suckers were huge, even at such a distance I could see that!

Bison Roosevelt National Park North Unit Roosevelt National Park North Unit 037

John pointed down to the path that I had been on – to a double set of paths, vehicle trail I guess, Roosevelt National Park North Unit 054

which crossed the path that I had just left. So looking further along that vehicle trail, I see! What! Oh no! Big, huge, shaggy things! Bison, bison were coming up the trail toward my trail!

While I was taking some pictures, they snuck up on me, and with the sun shining in my eyes it was hard to see if I even got them center by the camera eye.

 What! how did they cover that much ground!  And those things were moving fast! It was time to get a move on – get up higher on the trail. I would be safe up there!

More pictures taken, more miles of trail behind me, then I noticed piles of poop on the trail – what Bison poop! How did they get up here?

Roosevelt National Park North Unit 135

To be continued….. 

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