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Before you read this post read “Bison in the Park” in the prior posting.  I had to split the post to get it to publish.

I was looking at at least three large bulls, several females and even some babies.  Those bulls, were staying between John & myself and those females and babies. 

They didn’t need to worry, I wasn’t planning on going anywhere’s near them! But I sure was worried about where they planned on going!



Finally, they moved past us, that is after they climbed that hill that we had been on and then went down some where and moved down that trail I had been on. They crossed the parking lot, moved out into the street and blocked a car that had stopped for them. I am sure glad that I wasn’t in that car, they were very close to it! And they looked like they might have a head to head talk with that car! But finally they moved on across the road and out of sight. We sure are having fun! Gulp!

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