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Yesterday, John & I took a trip to the grocery store.

We are staying in a RV park near Rapid City, SD just off Highway 16 which is a divided highway with two lanes each way.

The road went through quite a hilly area and was quite curvy. So off we went on this big highway, the traffic was light and there still was daylight.The sky was a little gray with a few rain drops visiting us; it had sputtered most of the night.

 It wasn’t long into our trip when we heard the loud claps of thunder and were regaled with a brilliant lighting show. The sky became very dark and ominous. 

The rain started  coming down very hard; the traffic was slowing and getting thicker. It was getting darker and it was getting harder to see through the rain.  What with the thunder; the crack of the lightening;  and the beat of the rain it was loud and very nerve racking! Soon we couldn’t see very well through the wind shield. Talk about a scary movie scene, this could be one!  Cars were pulled to the shoulder of the highway; their headlights were on and emergency lights were flashing all along the highway.

We, of course, kept going in the high speed lane. Finally, we too, tried to join the lane of stopped traffic on the shoulder. We pulled into a slot and stopped the car. Suddenly, I heard John say; what the hell!  At the same time, I noticed that we were sliding backwards and toward the edge of the shoulder and the drop off past it.

Finally, after what seemed like a eternity we came to rest there on the side of the road. Shakily; we waited in the typhoon (well, it seemed like one) along with the rest of the folk for the rain to stop. Finally it cleared enough so that the traffic could once again continue on it’s way. I believe that was the worse rain storm that I have ever witnessed, at least from the front seat of a car. I hope it is the last one.  

And to think that I could have been home curled up on my bed reading a good book!

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