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Susan has tagged me for this meme. Now you have to bear with me as I am new at doing this sort of thing. So here goes:

1. I love nature. It gives me a feel of calmness and enjoyment when I can be out in the trees and flowers.

2. I love the mountains. Though I was born in mostly a flat land area, I think that I would become mighty bored with the endless flatness of some parts of the country side. It feels like a challenge to my mind to see all of the ups and downs in the mountain areas and to think about how it all came about.

3. I had a gastric bypass a year ago. It was mostly to correct a hyper-gastric condition of my stomach and I was able to benefit from the weight loss side effects. I lost 45 pounds in the first few months. It sure is a hard way to lose weight!

4. The second toe on both of my feet are longer than my big toes. Its a genetic thing.

5. I dislike the artificial flavor of strawberry. Now figure this – strawberries – are ok! I just don’t like the flavoring added to anything else.

6. I’m a blond, along with one of my brothers. My parents & sisters & one brother are all dark headed. Maybe it is the English ancestry that did it. Both my mother and one of my sisters are olive skinned, and look Indian. We have a distance female relative that was Cherokee Indian.  

7. I have been blessed with being able to do the old time handicrafts such as; embroidery, knitting, crochet, sewing.

8. I strongly dislike cleaning up messes, but someone has to do it! enough said!

Now I believe I am suppose to pass this meme on. Here are the lucky people: 


1. Laura of Vitamin Sea  

2. Lynne of Jersey Girl  

3.  Kt of The Amazingly, Interesting Life of Me

4.  Annie of My Life as Annie

5.  Graymama of The Beauty of Gray


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