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  Crazy Horse crop 154  The Memorial is a mountain-sized statue of an Indian man and warhorse that’s as long as a cruise ship and taller than a 60 story skyscraper.

     Korczak Ziolkowski  Borchof 

He began the creation of the world’s largest sculpture on June 3, 1948. The effort continues today through the efforts of his widow and their ten children. 


Crazy Horse Crop 157 This statue was created by   Korczak as he imagined the finished memorial to be. 


Mt Rushmore crop 149  

 It is  a ongoing project that will take many years to finish.


 Korczak Ziolkowski was asked by the Lakota Indian Chiefs to build a monument that would stand for all Indian Nations of North America. He accepted this tribute and the monument was started.

He met and married his wife, Ruth during his work on the memorial. They had ten children while working on the monument.  

He died before the huge project could be completed. After his premature death, the project has been carried on by his wife and children. The children were using the huge jack hammers before they were able to handle them alone;  taking two kids to operate the large powerful tools.

The grounds contain a large museum dedicated to Indian artifacts, and educating the public of the life and history of the Indian Nations.

There is plenty of food areas, in the form of a restaurant and snack bars, and free coffee is always available.

There are many opportunities to purchase souvenirs.  Tables have been set up to display many fine and well-made Indian products, leather goods, jewelry made from fine gems and other substances; books written by the people that have lived there.

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