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Are you having a drought?

Hello all

I am beginning to believe that this bad weather – very strong winds/ tornados/hail is following us around! While we were up in Washington visiting Susan, a wild wind/rain storm arrived and blew down lots and lots of trees; knocking down electric lines/poles putting out the lights for over a week in some areas. Lucky for us no one we knew was hurt; but there was lots of damage done in the area.

Then in South Dakota; more rain/wind and this time hail the size of baseballs fell on Rapid City the day after we left. We were at the Winnebago Plant in Iowa, when we heard about the RV’s that were coming in from Rapid City that was hit by the hail; we heard that there was lots of damage

Stopped in Wisconsin to see my sister, left there as the rain was coming our way again. Heard about the heavy flooding left in our wake!

Got to Michigan,. There is a tornado warning siren across the street from where we parked our RV., Within a day or two from our arrival that darn thing did its thing! Would you believe how loud that siren can be and how long it can throb! I had noticed a large black cloud (really huge) (did I say really huge – wrong – it was immense) coming rapidly toward us; that was about the time that that siren went off! So what did I do; I went into my brother-in-law’s house, he was there sitting watching TV; the news broadcast was on about the tornados and heavy winds and again hail north of us. I asked him if we could get into his basement, it has been sort of closed off. He said yes; so there we all sat watching TV; my husband , brother-in-law & myself.. The wind came up, the sky all the way to the ground filled with water so thick it looked like fog. In the after math we discovered that a few trees had fallen over and Fenton (to the north of us) had been hit very hard.

We will be going down to Indiana in a couple of weeks! So all of you living/visiting there you had better get out of our way!


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