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We pulled into the RV park a week ago, after driving around for a bit, we settled on this spot near the top of the hill, backed up against the trees behind us.


After a couple of days, John decided that the small tree branch behind had to go; I guess it was rubbing or something on the back of the RV. So he gets out his trusty ax and chops away that branch and whatever other under-brush that he didn’t like.

Well, a couple of days later we had a rain storm. It was a nice gentle rain with hardly any wind, though there was thunder and lightening. I am not use to thunder and lightening, in California where I have spent most of my life we didn’t have thunder and lightening except very occasionally

We were in the rig enjoying the evening. The sun had gone down; it goes down  about 7:00 and dark by 7:30 here in Hershey, PA at this time of the year. When suddenly we hear wham! We look at each other with the thought on our lips.  What was that! John goes outside (after all he is the man) to see what the noise was. He comes back in saying that he doesn’t see anything. We both shrug our shoulders and continue watching TV, playing on our computers, and stuffing our faces. And yes we can do all of this at the same time!

The next morning we get up and start our day. John goes outside, wondering around  or whatever it is that he does out there. I think it is to patrol the grounds, looking for something to protect me from.  He is not out there very long before he calls me to come out and look. Of course, I am not doing anything important enough to prevent me from stopping it and rushing out to view this wonderful sight that awaits me!  I should have stayed inside!

He shows me this large branch that those evil trees behind us threw at the RV. One of them manage to make a direct hit! I could see the end of the branch sticking through the awning of the RV. I’m sure that I could hear those trees whispering softly – take that dang you –  or maybe it was just the wind softly rustling their leaves.


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Friday, Sept. 28, 2007

We are here in Hershey, Pennsylvania – we will be staying here for three weeks: 9/14 – 10/14. We are staying at a RV park that is included in the roster of a RV club that we have a membership in– so the price is right! Thousand Trails Parks – Hershey Preserve.

This is a nice park, situated on a hilly area; it has lots of green grass and lots of trees – oak & maple trees galore; lots of squirrels here, after the acorns , I guess.

 Hershey RV Park 350 resized Hershey RV Park resized 350 2 The blue RV in the above photo is ours.   Our toad (white car in rt lower corner and our Katherine’s wheel flying high!

It is a large park with 50 amps! And full hookups wow! In RV parks – this is King! Ah Heaven!

This means that waste water runs down into the city/county waste outlets instead of into our tanks! And water, I can use the washing machine, take a shower and run water in the sink- all at the same time !(that is if I could be in two places at the same time)

It also means that there are no restrictions on how much electricity is available at a time, in most parks we have to keep track of the amount of electricity that we use at a time via a control panel that shows the amps being used.

Most parks are older parks and are wired with 20 – 30 amps. The newer Motorhomes love 50 amps. Just think, I can use the microwave or the convection oven; have the washer going and the electric fry pan and the crock pot all at the same time.

The only bad thing is that the RV is backed into the trees/brush behind us; not letting me have the use of my clothesline; but since we have the 50amps it is no big thing I can use the dryer part of the washing machine without worrying about blowing a fuse. But I do love to hang things on the line, out in the fresh air. John has rigged up a frame that he hangs on the ladder that is attached to the back of the RV

People are always very friendly in RV parks; and this park is no exception. A few people are walking about the park, getting their exercise, and visiting with the folk in the campsites. It is common for people to wave to each other from cars or motorhomes, stopping frequently to talk to someone either in a vehicle or in another campsite.

Strong, life long friendships have developed after meetings in a RV park. Some folk have even married after both couples have lost their partner. Sometimes we will meet a person who seems very lonely, after getting to know them, we find out that they have lost their spouse and are still on the road. We have met many folk that continue this life style after they have been left alone – some from divorce or the death of their spouse. It seems to me that the ladies that I have met that are now single seem to take to this lifestyle better then the guys in the same situation. The ladies seem happy and are getting on with their life, whereas some of the guys appear very lonely.

So this is a little glimpse of the on going life of a nomad in a motorhome.

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Sorry!  It has taken me so long to get a posting up! But I have a good excuse. ahem.  I have had quite a lot of difficulty with my computer; hopefully I have “fixed” the problem or rather muddled through fixing the problem. It would lock up, (it still may) sometimes  turning itself off and even sometimes restart all by itself. I was beginning to think that I had a ghost in this RV!  Well hopefully I have it fixed now! Do you know how frustrating it is trying to do something on the computer and have it suddenly do one of the fore mentioned things? I think I pulled out half of my hair!  

On the way from Washington (State) seeing  Susan; we made a layover in Sioux City, SD; where we changed our state of residence from Texas to South Dakota. We (John & I) took the tests and received our new SD driver licenses on the spot; (amazing short lines to wait in) new licenses plates & tags for the RV and the car (which we call our Toad – short for “towed vehicle”) of course this took longer to receive as they had to get the paperwork from the loan companies for the titles on said vehicles.

In Wisconsin we spent a week seeing my younger sister. Had a really nice time and was sorry that we had to move on; but the open road was calling; we had places to go; things to see and a date set to be in Ohio by a certain day. We traveled on to Michigan; while in Michigan visiting at Hank’s house (John’s brother) we were parked on a cement slab that was next to his house. This gave us a good view of the street in front of his house (got to watch everyone that came and went on that street) and the field across the street. This field was the pasture for ponies, a mule and lots of sheep. I would wake up early and wonder out to the front window in the couch, sit in the passenger seat and drink my coffee and look out the window at this scene. It is very relaxing watching this everyday event taking place. I enjoyed it very much and miss it now. farm-animals-at-hanks.jpg We had time to visit this wonderful place  Ford’s Greenfield Village with John’s sister. We rode on the model A’s or T’s or whatever they were. patti-in-greenfield-village.jpgyeah, that’s me in the red; also got a ride in the horse drawn carriage. horse-buggy-ride.jpg We had a wonderful time while we were there! There was all kinds of things to see; way to much to see in a single day; old type villages; farms; museums of just about anything you could want to see;

We examined a round house train station where the trains were repaired in the days of yester-year.train-engine-in-rd-house.jpg

train-engine-in-rd-house2.jpgIt was a wonderful day.

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