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Sorry!  It has taken me so long to get a posting up! But I have a good excuse. ahem.  I have had quite a lot of difficulty with my computer; hopefully I have “fixed” the problem or rather muddled through fixing the problem. It would lock up, (it still may) sometimes  turning itself off and even sometimes restart all by itself. I was beginning to think that I had a ghost in this RV!  Well hopefully I have it fixed now! Do you know how frustrating it is trying to do something on the computer and have it suddenly do one of the fore mentioned things? I think I pulled out half of my hair!  

On the way from Washington (State) seeing  Susan; we made a layover in Sioux City, SD; where we changed our state of residence from Texas to South Dakota. We (John & I) took the tests and received our new SD driver licenses on the spot; (amazing short lines to wait in) new licenses plates & tags for the RV and the car (which we call our Toad – short for “towed vehicle”) of course this took longer to receive as they had to get the paperwork from the loan companies for the titles on said vehicles.

In Wisconsin we spent a week seeing my younger sister. Had a really nice time and was sorry that we had to move on; but the open road was calling; we had places to go; things to see and a date set to be in Ohio by a certain day. We traveled on to Michigan; while in Michigan visiting at Hank’s house (John’s brother) we were parked on a cement slab that was next to his house. This gave us a good view of the street in front of his house (got to watch everyone that came and went on that street) and the field across the street. This field was the pasture for ponies, a mule and lots of sheep. I would wake up early and wonder out to the front window in the couch, sit in the passenger seat and drink my coffee and look out the window at this scene. It is very relaxing watching this everyday event taking place. I enjoyed it very much and miss it now. farm-animals-at-hanks.jpg We had time to visit this wonderful place  Ford’s Greenfield Village with John’s sister. We rode on the model A’s or T’s or whatever they were. patti-in-greenfield-village.jpgyeah, that’s me in the red; also got a ride in the horse drawn carriage. horse-buggy-ride.jpg We had a wonderful time while we were there! There was all kinds of things to see; way to much to see in a single day; old type villages; farms; museums of just about anything you could want to see;

We examined a round house train station where the trains were repaired in the days of yester-year.train-engine-in-rd-house.jpg

train-engine-in-rd-house2.jpgIt was a wonderful day.

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