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We pulled into the RV park a week ago, after driving around for a bit, we settled on this spot near the top of the hill, backed up against the trees behind us.


After a couple of days, John decided that the small tree branch behind had to go; I guess it was rubbing or something on the back of the RV. So he gets out his trusty ax and chops away that branch and whatever other under-brush that he didn’t like.

Well, a couple of days later we had a rain storm. It was a nice gentle rain with hardly any wind, though there was thunder and lightening. I am not use to thunder and lightening, in California where I have spent most of my life we didn’t have thunder and lightening except very occasionally

We were in the rig enjoying the evening. The sun had gone down; it goes down  about 7:00 and dark by 7:30 here in Hershey, PA at this time of the year. When suddenly we hear wham! We look at each other with the thought on our lips.  What was that! John goes outside (after all he is the man) to see what the noise was. He comes back in saying that he doesn’t see anything. We both shrug our shoulders and continue watching TV, playing on our computers, and stuffing our faces. And yes we can do all of this at the same time!

The next morning we get up and start our day. John goes outside, wondering around  or whatever it is that he does out there. I think it is to patrol the grounds, looking for something to protect me from.  He is not out there very long before he calls me to come out and look. Of course, I am not doing anything important enough to prevent me from stopping it and rushing out to view this wonderful sight that awaits me!  I should have stayed inside!

He shows me this large branch that those evil trees behind us threw at the RV. One of them manage to make a direct hit! I could see the end of the branch sticking through the awning of the RV. I’m sure that I could hear those trees whispering softly – take that dang you –  or maybe it was just the wind softly rustling their leaves.


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