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Yes, I am back – after what seems like months!  I am back to try to blog once again, after having my keyboard die. I think that that(dying) might have had something to do with dumping a cup a few drops of coffee on it. Now armed with a new cheap plug in type keyboard (actually I like this one better then the old wireless one – that gave me problems right from the beginning), I am ready to try once again!

I usually IM with my sister a lot; and since the keyboard died she has been whining and whining about me being to cheap frugal to go and get a new one!

Well, in defense of myself, I had to see if I could magically fix this old one (this maneuver consisted of staring at it, cussing it, sweet talking to it, blowing canned air into it) this went on until my sweet husband took me down to Staples where we bought a new keyboard! (actually he got tired of hearing me complain about the darn broken one)

I have found out that I can get a heck of a lot more “things” accomplished without the computer being so readily accessible! I couldn’t log on to any program (no keyboard) (I could play some limited games) all I could use was the IM – that is if I used the pen writing tool – using the mouse to write with is a real challenge – yes I did that for a while, (I had to do something to shut up the whiner) no wonder that little kids make such scrawling marks as they learn to use a pencil.

While I have been computerless so to speak, I have gone through books like they are candy – yes I am a very fast reader – and no I won’t remember what the story was about next week if you ask me about it, but I will remember the story if I try to read it again!

I even did a few housecleaning chores that I have been putting off; defrosted the freezer section of the frig, spot cleaned the carpet, re-arranged everything in some of my cupboards and closets; this has to be done frequently in a moving house like I live in; things have a way of moving around when we make a harder stop or go around a corner on two wheels – well it feels like two wheels sometimes, but with a vehicle 36 feet long that probably would be a great accomplishment. Oh oh, I can just feel John getting irritated at that remark. Hee Hee Love that man!

Well speaking of John, he just asked me if I want to go and gather some black walnuts with him so I will post this now – I am off to the great out doors!

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