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Metamora, Indiana

Yesterday, we wondered across a small village in the south east of Indiana. We spent several hours wondering the streets and shops along the canal walkways. This is an amazingly fun place to wonder on a weekend after noon. There were lots of shopkeepers and visitors to chat with; smiles were the rule of the day. 

It sounds like a village from a fairy tale. In actuality is was purchased from Native Americans in 1809 and in eventually was registered as “Duck Creek Crossing”. Later in 1838 it was renamed “Metamora”; from the play “Metamora: Last of the Wampanoags.” 

There are these very old homes, and other establishments, ie a bank, post-office, etc that have been turned into shopping displays of all sorts of odds and ends of a era long gone bye. Just look for a flag which will tell you that the building is open for business.  Sorry but I didn’t get a good picture of the village shops.

  Metamora, Indiana08 011 200x149 Village of Metamora

One of the attractions is a canal full of water that was used to convey produce & other freight by horse drawn barges. There are small narrow roads on both sides of the canal for vehicles, along with a rail line. The canal locks were used as a source of hydraulic power to operate a grist mill that can be explored today. 

Water wheel for hydraulic powerMetamora, Indiana08 007 200x149

Barge being pulled by horses

 Metamora, Indiana08 004 200x149 Hores pulling barge 200x149

Come see Metamora, bring a picnic and eat in the little park that has a hop-scotch game on the walk way waiting for the young at heart.

Take SR 52 to the quaint village and enjoy yourself.

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