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Here I sit in front of my computer; waiting for something to come to mind to write about. Well I will just ramble on and maybe it will be interesting.

This is a medium sized computer, the box about six inches square and has a length of about ten inches.  Its called a Shuttle. My wonderful son-in-law (Shaun) built it for me. I have a 17″ monitor. The main problem with it is that it doesn’t have a large enough fan in it and it gets hot way to quickly. The computer sits/lays on the floor beside me and the monitor sits on a pull out shelf that pulls up and drops down in a horizontal position when its not being used. This arrangement is set up next to a large window right behind my passenger seat near the front of the coach.  When we travel we move the monitor to the bedroom closet and the rest sits where it is. The satellite  modem and router sit behind me next to the kitchen sink/cabinet area on a stack of two of those large white plastic drawers, the ones with three drawers in each. These hold my office type supplies. The satellite gives us DirecTv reception and access to the world wide web!  Oh, and the printer/scanner sits at my feet under the table top.

Maybe I should take a picture to show you! Ok got the picture, now to upload it to the computer and then into this program. Olenberg, Indiana08 011 200x149 Well it isn’t the best of pictures, but you get the idea.

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