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We left Indiana on Thursday morning, stopping for two nights along the way. Traveling is hard on my abdomen as the mesh that was inserted under my herniated area tends to rub and makes me irritable after a bit. So we took it easy and took our time stopping early in the day. We arrived here at the Winnebago Factory yesterday (Saturday).

We are having a little owie repaired; a recalled taken care of  and get some other minor things done. They have a little park on the property  next to the service complex set aside for a few RVs to hook up to electricity; so we can run everything. It is very nice of them to provide such accommodations. Of course we have to supply our own water, which is no problem. Olenberg, Indiana08 033 200x149 Olenberg, Indiana08 012 200x149  Olenberg, Indiana08 013 200x149 This is the passenger side near the back of the coach, by the rear tire.  If you look close you can see the beginning of the gouge just to the left of the tire and running almost to the right edge of the picture. The shot on the bottom right is a blow up of the area just to the right of the tire. See the red paint.

What happen you ask! Well as we were turning into one of the RV park entrances John noticed that a couple of vehicles were trying to leave the park, so like the nice guy he is he pulled to over further to the right, not realizing that he had just made contact with a red steel rail (in a heavy rig like this things like running into trees and such things can’t be felt) well someone started tooting their horn and so out we get to see what the commotion was about and low and behold, a fight between a RV’s fiber glass side and a steel guard rail – guess who won. Not a mark on the guard rail, maybe a little paint, but it wasn’t noticeable. The insurance company’s check states the repair will cost $3200 to repaired it.

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