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A Rambling Letter

Dear Susan.

(the rest of you are welcome to read on) 

So you want me to write my masterpieces like I use to write letters to your Aunt and Grandma. I don’t know if I can get “that” going again; but I will try. By “that” I mean a long rambling funny, sometimes sad/happy narrative type of letter – Sometimes the whole truth has been tweeked and sometimes I can hear you say:”that’s not how that happened”. Well, you just live with it. Now you all let me know what you think of this style of writing.

While, we were at the Winnebago RV Plant, I met a long lost Sister that I didn’t know that I had! She must be my sister, we got along so well, we had so much fun picking on each other. We laughed and laughed and picked on anyone that came close. Lots of our group – we called our group the Repair Rally – kept asking if we knew each other before arriving there. I miss my new Sister. And darn I didn’t even get a picture of her! But I have her address and phone number.

Well, after five long days, at the Winnebago RV Plant, in Iowa, we finally got all of our repairs to the RV completed. The long dented gouge to the side of the coach has been returned to pristine newness; an amazing job they did! The awning motor has been replaced and whatever else needed doing was done.

So bright and early (I think it was still dark out) on Friday morning we hit the road a running. We were very happy to get out of there. The spirit of wanderlust was pressing hard on our souls. I was shutting the coach door as our tires squealed when we roared out onto the highway.  Anyone that got in our way, must have slammed on their brakes when they seen our blue streak go by!

Later in the day, we pulled into Family-lee-Fun RV Park, just west of Mitchell, SD.  I waited in the rig while your dad checked into the park. We belong to the PassPort RV Club, they provide RV sites for 1/2 the original price to stay at a RV Park that has signed up with them. Well, when your dad came back out, steam was coming out of his ears! He said that the guy in the office was having a hissy fit – a big one.  When your dad ask him why his (the owner’s) price didn’t agree with the PassPort Price, the guy went off on him. I was so relieved when I found out that your dad didn’t beat the bloody hell out of the proprietor right then and there. I would have! You know I would have! But your dad being the nice guy that he is, took it all in stride! Pooh, now what fun is that!

Well, this has grown into a long letter, so I will save my story about Wall Drug Store for the next time. Stay Tuned.


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