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Hello Sue, Rick    and all the rest of you out there

Monday 8/18/08  Boy! I am off to a good start today! I just finished putting a load of clothes in the washing machine, its located in the toilet area of this rig.  Anyway, I was pretreating one of John’s T-shirts and darn (that looks like dam, but it isn’t) – I realized that I was using room- deodorant to treat it with. I mentioned my treatment of his shirt to John and he wanted to know if I really thought he smelled that bad! Hee Hee – I ain’ telling!

As I said in my letter. yesterday , I will now tell you about the city of Wall and its drug store. If you kids and the rest of you are ever in this area, be sure to make a side trip to visit Wall, you will not be disappointed. We enjoyed it very much.

Sat. 8/16/08  We continued our journey west just as dawn was arriving or so it seemed; oh around, 9:00am on Saturday. I am having a terrible time adjusting to this changing in time zones. It should be easier going west, but it doesn’t seem to be, at least for me. My nights are all messed up. I have trouble getting to sleep,   it seems to early to go to bed and I keep waking up during the night.  I used to be such a night owl.

Sorry about drifting off again, now back to the trip. John drove the rig while I sat in my seat with the footrest up and my seat reclined.

I was doing my job of looking pretty; and keeping him on track! Its a good thing I was sitting there when suddenly I realized he was driving past the turn. All I could do was go ah ah ah,  as he was headed for parts unknown.  We had just taken a break and were looking for the west-bound entrance to get back onto I-90   I think his mind was drifting as he drove right by the turn. We had to make a detour to get back to it. Now can you imagine turning a 36′ coach with a vehicle towed behind it, around on a narrow street! Luckily we found a business establishment that had a large parking area, which sufficed nicely. We continued down the freeway for what seemed like miles and miles,  finally coming to the city of Wall. It is located just off of I-90 in the southwestern part of SD, just above the badlands. It is a tiny tourist spot.

We walked up & down the sidewalk, in and out of stores, and found that most of these buildings were all connected inside and were all part of Wall Drug Store. Sometimes, it was very crowded, we were bumping shoulder to shoulder with people up and down both sides of the little main road. I loved every bit of it.

I took lots of pictures. 

Wall Drug Store08.08 012 640x479

It is a huge place with lots of souvenir stuff and clothing of all sorts, lots of fun stuff to look at and touch. Lots of pretend people, and animals everywhere.

We walked out the back door of one of the shops and found another part of the store, called Wall Drugs Back Yard. This part was even more fun!

 Wall Drug Store08.08 009 640x479

Wall Drug Store08.08 007 640x479

We went inside and about fainted when this creature roared at us, towering high over our heads. After watching it a bit, we found that it would sit up there in the jungle turning its head, its eyes followed our movements and then steam would blow out and it would let out this loud earth shaking roar. It was so fun, John had to drag me away, I wanted to watch it scare the people coming in.Wall Drug Store08.08 001 640x479 Wall Drug Store08.08 003 640x479

There is a large cafe where they give away lots of ice water. You just walk up to the counter and ask for it. They will even fill up your water jugs for traveling. The story goes that ice water is what made the drug store such a hopping place.

Upon entering the cafe, we noticed these people sitting in a corner. The guy in green has a gun drawn and aimed at one of the group. I think he  is one of the famous gunslinger of old times.

Wall Drug Store08.08 004 640x479

This was the theme of most of the store, but with different items for sale in the different sections of the store.

Wall Drug Store08.08 010 640x479

We had such a fun time strolling around and looking at everything. We could have spent a lot more time here, but alas I got tired, and my butt was a dragging!

Keep tuned for our excursion through the Badlands of SD!

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