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Badlands of SD

Hi Ya all,

8/16 Saturday 

After seeing Wall Drug this morning, we went for a ride out in the Badlands of SD.  If you don’t know, it is just a short distance below Wall; Highway 240 cuts through it. 

These photos were taken in the late afternoon.  The sun was still pretty high.

Badlands of SD8.08 023 640x479 You can see 240 here as it snakes through the area. 


Badlands of SD8.08 032 640x479  Here you can just see the pink layers of sediment from the long ago seas.


Badlands of SD8.08 028 640x479  This a good example of the prairie grass.  There is suppose to be in the range of 1500 bison/buffalo living in the badlands; eating this grass; but we didn’t see any (not a one) here. 

I wished our granddaughters were here. I can just see the four yr old twins running through the grass, squealing and laughing, swinging their arms about, with the two teenagers chasing after them. 


Badlands of SD8.08 033 640x479  The clouds were beautiful drifting across the sky.


Badlands of SD8.08 024 640x479  This was photo was taken at one of the many overlooks that looked down into the areas where erosion was very dramatic.

 Badlands of SD8.08 025 640x479  A large cloud darkened the scene here.    


Badlands of SD8.08 032 640x479 It is really very beautiful here. My lack of skill didn’t do justice to the color of these statuesque formations.

There are suppose to be Prairie Dogs, Black-footed Ferrets (which recently have been reintroduced to the area), Bison, Swift Fox, Big Horn Sheep, & lots of different birds. We failed to see any of these critters.

Sunday & Monday we are staying at home and resting up. You all come back for more!

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