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Look At Him Go

Back in August, we took a ride on the Needles Hwy in SD. That is where old Mother Earth chose to stand these huge flat rocks on their ends; they rose thousands of feet into the sky.

While we were wondering around the Eye of the Needle. (See photo below) we were pleasantly surprised to see three men engaged in the act of climbing one of the huge skyward bound rocks. One was sitting in his camping chair, one was holding the end of this yellow climbing rope that was attached to the top of the rock that held the other stupid brave soul that was climbing up and up and up. One of them had previously climbed the backside of this same huge stone and fastened this rope to the top. He had to climb up without the benefit of a safety rope. Wasn’t he another stupid brave man! And they do this for fun, now how cool is that!  Well it gave me a new experience to see first hand and lucky for him there was no blood.

new download 9.1 029 640x479

A view from the distance. There were lots and lots of these packs of needles!

new download 9.1 026 640x479

Getting there, as you can see, wasn’t always a relaxed affair. There wasn’t a lot of room in this tunnel, and you had to go around a curve as you were approaching the tunnel, which required the blowing of horns to assure that the on coming traffic wouldn’t run into us. 

new download 9.1 038 480x548 This driver had folded his side mirror up against his truck to protect it.

new download 9.1 056 480x548

The Eye of the Needle. I have seen these needles three times and I finially found the Eye. Something wrong with my eyesight I guess as it was right there in plain sight all of the time.

new download 9.1 027 480x548  Did I tell you just how huge these things were! Take a look at these.

new download 9.1 032 480x548 

What do you mean you are tired!

new download 9.1 031 480x548

Who’s idea was this? I can think of easier ways to commit suicide!  Aren’t you suppose to wear a helmet for this activity!

new download 9.1 034 480x548    new download 9.1 046 480x548 Hey, you down there! Where are you going?  Someone grab that rope! Please  Pleasenew download 9.1 048 480x548

And he made it! See that extra bump on the top? Yes, that’s him.

new download 9.1 049 480x548

Ok, I made it!  Now where is that helicopter! What do you mean? I have to climb back down!!!  Hey, I got to go pee! Where’s the bathroom?

new download 9.1 054 480x548

What out below! Hey just give me a bit of privacy. Oh for the love of Pete, haven’t you seen a man pee before! 

Oh! No!    God Help Me! I just discovered that I am afraid of heights! Oh, where should I put my foot!  I think I will just stay up here!

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