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John is not much of a night owl.  He usually goes to bed between nine and ten pm. This is a good thing as this gives me the private time that I crave. With our life style of RV living, alone time is sometimes hard to come by.  So I treasure these moments when they are available.

The other night was different though. Around ten, he says good night to me and sleepily heads for the bedroom.  A couple of hours later, I wonder off to the bedroom with thoughts of cuddling up close and giving my beloved a few hugs and kisses.

I climb into bed and scoot up next to him. Of course, he has his back to me.  So I sort of bounce move around a little on the bed. Nothing! Now how romantic is that! I don’t like being ignored; sleeping is no excuse!!

So, next,  I kind of poke him a time or two (just to get his attention you know). Finally!  he snorts, or moans or makes some kind of sound as he rolls over to face me, reaching out to pull me closer, at which time I hear that sound again, and it is much louder. I know what it was!

I immediately start to slide to my side of the bed (to make my get away), but darn I was just not fast enough.  I was overwhelmed with it, the sound loudly reverberating in my ears, the smell, enough to gag a maggot. xzxzxzx  The horror of it!  Nothing could smell that bad!  He was rotten to the core!

I pull the door shut, to try to keep “it” contained! I could hear him mumbling something like  What’s the matter? I light a candle, wondering as I do if there will be a large flash fire!  Then, I grab the bottle of room deodorant and give it a good spray to create a barrier between me and the bedroom. I close the second door and think maybe I am safe. But, I think, that I can smell “it”

I could hear him in there laughing his fool head off, while I sat in the living room planning my revenge.

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