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Bittersweet Thanksgivings

November 28,2008


This time of the year is always hard for me as I lost my mom shortly after Thanksgiving. Today marks the fifteenth year since her passing. Even though so many years have come and gone, I feel the lingering grief in my deepest soul. The week that she died, she spent in the hospital dying from a broken down system. She had been a smoker most of her life and it had taken a toll on her body. She was in renal failure when she left us on that day so long ago. Her lungs had just about given up, but her heart continued to keep her with us. She suffer with oxygen hunger, she could breathe, but wasn’t able to process the air that she took into her lungs. Night time was a nightmare for her, as it made her breathing worse, she struggled so. One night she was in such agony that she begged me to smother her with a pillow. How that hurt to hear her ask me to do that. I told her that I couldn’t do that, but I would try to help her. I found her nurse and requested a strong sleeping tablet, which being a nurse myself, I knew would most probably ease her into the peace that she craved. After the doctor ordered the medicine, I explained to her that she would probably go to sleep and not wake up. I wanted to make sure that this is what she really wanted to do. I loved her enough to grant her last wish. Even though I am glad that I did, I still feel the pain of her passing with my granting of her last request of me.

My brother,Jack and my sister,Alonea were at her bedside when she drifted away. Aleta and I were home staying with our father. When the expected call came, we took our father into see her. He had been there earlier in the day. He cried that he wasn’t there with her when she passed. He lived another few years in the home of my beloved Aleta. During those years not one of us told him of what had happened that night that she left us.

My mom always made pecan pies for Thanksgiving. That year she could not make them. My daddy, bless his heart, got out all of the ingredients with our help and made those pies. He wouldn’t let us help him and he insisted that he was doing it for our mother. That is the only time that I can remember him cooking anything.

How I miss my parents. For all of you out there with living parents, be grateful that you can still hug them and hold them tight for some day they too will be gone.

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Sad Thanksgiving

We were all snuggled down inside our RV in Tall Chief RV Resort, its a beautiful RV park near the city of Fall City, WA. We had arrived here a couple of weeks ago to be with our daughter for the holidays. The park has been serene and welcoming after traveling from the East Coast.

A couple of nights before Thanksgiving, John and I were watching TV. We would glance out the large front windows below the TV screen from time to time. (looking for ghosts in the night) It was pitch black out there.

They came from out of the darkness; a line of bright flashing lights, moving across our line of view on the way further into the park, first a ambulance, then a fire truck, a few minutes later another ambulance, another fire truck, and finally a couple of other vehicles, all with their lights flashing. The only sound was the crunch of their tires on the gravel road.

We could not imagine what could have happened. What would bring such a parade of vehicles to this lovely park? It is fairly common for an ambulance to come to these RV parks, after all, our lifestyle is common among the older generation; and with it, a death in the park is not unusual. John and I wondered aloud to each other the mystery of the large amount of emergency vehicles; then settled back in our chairs and returned to our TV program.

The next morning, John took his normal walk, returning with the news of the mystery of the night. A set of parents out there somewhere, were just starting to live through a long line of sad Thanksgivings.

The story told was that a man and his girlfriend had a spat and the lady jumped into her car and sped off into the wet, dark night at a greater speed then these pine ridden, gravel roads could handle.  A couple of days later, the tree that ended her young life was cut down. It had been damaged so badly that it had become threat to others near the road.

Who would believe that such a horrendous accident could happen in this quiet, serene park.


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Happy Thanksgiving

I wish all of you out there a Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be a bright memory in the years to come.

Thanksgiving brings many memories; ones of childhood. My dad & mom always took us to my aunt’s house. It was a drive through the snow covered country side, sometimes the roads were covered with snow. We always arrived safely singing Christmas carols all the way. I have fond memories of spending the day at my favorite aunt Orilla’s  house. She had a large family (providing 12 cousins), also my aunt Viola and her family were there, another 5 kidos, plus the 5 from my family. So there were billions of kids of all ages there for the holidays. There was lots of laughter, screaming and yelling with any available adult grabbing a arm and telling us to quiet down and stop running. The kitchen had a table (yes, only one) it was a huge thing, it seemed to fill the whole kitchen, and it held everyone, the kids ate with the adults. Oh the memories!

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Just Rambling On

I was reading my daughter’s blog ( Susansmusings) the other day where she mentioned about my writing long, wonderful  letters to my family that lived in some far off place like, well…… This was many years ago, she was just a child. She mentioned that they (the letters) were like blogging. No Internet then. How long ago that seems! Everyone use to say how they enjoyed my letters! I sure don’t know what happened. Now, I have great difficulty even coming up with something to write about. So I am going to write a letter to my sister, Aleta and see if I will drift into that old familiar state of mind where I can write about anything and make it interesting – sort of that is!  Now you continue to read, cause it is for all of you to enjoy, that is I hope it will be enjoyable.

Dear Aleta;

Not much is happening here. So not a lot for me to talk about.

I sure wish that you could be here with me.  I also wish you could have been here to help me celebrate my birthday yesterday! Now, John, and me are both the same age. How about that!

It sure is pretty here! We are now entering the drabness (is that spelled right?) of the ending of Autumn, but I still find beauty all about.

Looking out the window beside me, I see several tall pine trees, splendid in their coats of green, against a background of fallen leaves. The leaves are laying among green bushes and ferns. The only thing to improve this picture, would be a covering of snow, but then we would probably be packing up to get the heck out of town, as you know, we are allergic to the color white.

You should see these leaves! They are so big! They must be a foot across! Just look here at them! They look like maple to me, but then I am no expert and my memory of the tree leaves of my childhood is very iffy! (That is to a word! (iffy) I remember when Sue made it up!

large leaves 640x479

I see a couple of old, long dead tree stumps, looking black against the brown of the leaves. The fog of the early morning is still creeping about, it brings a eerie feel to the scene.

Rain continues to come and go here, I can’t trust the weather man as he has been wrong to many times!

And so we wait for the morrow.

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The Best of Times

 It had been raining pretty steady here in King County, Washington for the past couple of days. Flood watch and flood warnings had been issued for the area, but the rain seem to be pretty gentle compared to some of the storms that we have experienced during our recent travels in the eastern part of the US, so we weren’t concerned with any flooding.

We had been over to our daughter’s house in the afternoon, at dusk we started toward where our RV as parked, having our youngest teenage granddaughter in tow. We were about 45 minutes from our RV when we left her place.

It was rapidly becoming dark out, the road barely reflecting our headlights on the pavement. The road was running parallel with the Snoquamish River. The river bank would almost touch the road at times, then sometimes disappearing into the distance. Unknown to us the river was filling rapidly with flood water pouring down out of the mountains north of us. 

The road, was very dark, very wet and very curvy. We were moving along at a decent clip, but not so fast as to be dangerous to our health.  We went down a slight incline, when suddenly we found ourselves hubcap deep in water.  This was very frightening. Were we in the river flood water? A car was on the supposed road in front of us, it just sat there, then with a touch of renewed confidence it started moving through the water, with water splashing high up its sides the car began to make headway.  Timidly, we continued to follow in its wake, concerned that at any moment it would be swept away. It seemed like the flooding continued on and on across the low lying  ground. It was so scary, not being able to really see, what we were dealing with. Gratefully after what seemed like an eternity, we followed the car in front of us on to higher, dry ground.

It turned out in the light of day, that the rain had flooded a low spot in the valley that the road traversed. The river was quite a distance from us and not involved with this flooding.

It really showed us how quickly, danger could occur;  someone could find themselves, being carried down the stream by the river’s current in times of flooding and put in extreme danger. 

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This afternoon a request was made by Mimi for me to teach her how to knit.  I attempted to teach her this skill a couple of years ago, but at the time, she was having a hard time concentrating on what she was doing, and also, if I remember right, was having difficulty getting her hands to follow what her mind was telling them to do. So the first lesson did not stay with her.  This was shortly before, her grandfather and I were leaving for the East coast so that was the only lesson I was able to give her at that time.  The few months before that I had begun to teach Kt how to crochet and to knit, now it is time to get out the needles and hooks again and continue what I had started back then. I am looking forward to once again teaching my granddaughters the fine old art of needle work.  There are so many wonderful yarns and pattern books waiting for young hands and minds to discover.

Years ago, my mother taught me how to crochet, and I had a lot of fun with it and took great pride in what I could create.  She didn’t know how to knit, so I had to find another way to learn that craft. I was able to become quite adapt with the use of a good beginners knitting book.  Years later, I tried to teach my Susan how to knit and crochet, but for some reason, she didn’t learn these skills. I might have to try once again with her as well.  I think that she told me once that I had never tried to teach her, but she must have been to young at the time and has forgotten, I must have been very eager to teach her. Then other things took up our interests. I do know that I did pass on to her, her love of sewing, which she has become quite good at. I do believe that she would attempt to make just about anything, and has made some very beautiful dresses, and gowns for the girls. Did I say how proud of her I am! 

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Sexual Education at Home!

Late in the evening, grandma & grandpa, mama & daddy, and the, oh so lovely, most knowledgeable, teenager had all settled down at the dining room table, to feast upon the sumptuous chicken enchiladas provided by the extraordinary culinary skills of mama.

The conversation was pleasant, abundant, lively and sometimes spicy; topic after topic was tossed out and debated upon. Though sometimes, as in most families, some topics are taboo! Tonight it was a free night and all was discussed with an open mind, except for politics, this subject has been talked to death, so it was time to move on.

Oh, there were moments when grandma had to reach over and bop daddy on his noggin as he wanted everyone to hear how educated he was in the political arena! But, alas, he is a very slow learner, but I think he finally got the message! Then again, like I said, he is a slow learner!

The conversation turned to blogging, some how the topic of a prior blog of grandma’s was brought up. In the context of the story something along the line of ‘grandma was getting affectionate with grandpa’ entered into the conversation. Very softly I distinctly heard eeewwwww coming from the mouth of mama. At the same time, ‘miss teenager’ exclaimed eeewwwww and than promptly said; “grandma & grandpa don’t have sex!” Then while older eyes rolled back and forth around the table and looked up at the ceiling; she further stated, “That’s disgusting!” Then in a very knowing voice she continued to further enlighten us by saying, “mama & daddy don’t do that any more, because we (her & her sister) are always home”. Not a word was uttered by the grown-ups. Suddenly all of the adults had other things to do and left the table, hiding the snickers and repressed laughter. Smiles!

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Surprise Surprise!


 We continue to have trouble from time to time getting our Satellite Dish for Direct TV and Internet set and working as it should. I am at Sue’s piggybacked on her system while I attempt to put out some sort of posting.

Due to a clog in our plans to spend the night at a RV park, we had to continue down the road. (on our way to Sue’s house)

For some reason, no one was home at the park to talk to us. They just left a note to put money in envelope and park some where. We were suppose to get a discount, but since no one was available — they wanted the full price, which of course we didn’t want to give them.

We had the pleasure of being able to surprise Meghan (and the rest of the family). Meghan has been hounding us for months to hurry up and get to her house.

And surprise her we did, she sure did squeal and scream! Sue quietly let us in and send her dad in to surprise Meg. Whether our arriving early spoiled Sue’s plans, we don’t know as she very tactfully kept that to herself.

After having dinner with the family and receiving all of our hugs and kisses that had been piling up for several months, we stumbled out to the car and drove back to our RV that was parked about a half hour away. I think they were all glad to see us.


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