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Surprise Surprise!


 We continue to have trouble from time to time getting our Satellite Dish for Direct TV and Internet set and working as it should. I am at Sue’s piggybacked on her system while I attempt to put out some sort of posting.

Due to a clog in our plans to spend the night at a RV park, we had to continue down the road. (on our way to Sue’s house)

For some reason, no one was home at the park to talk to us. They just left a note to put money in envelope and park some where. We were suppose to get a discount, but since no one was available — they wanted the full price, which of course we didn’t want to give them.

We had the pleasure of being able to surprise Meghan (and the rest of the family). Meghan has been hounding us for months to hurry up and get to her house.

And surprise her we did, she sure did squeal and scream! Sue quietly let us in and send her dad in to surprise Meg. Whether our arriving early spoiled Sue’s plans, we don’t know as she very tactfully kept that to herself.

After having dinner with the family and receiving all of our hugs and kisses that had been piling up for several months, we stumbled out to the car and drove back to our RV that was parked about a half hour away. I think they were all glad to see us.


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