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Sexual Education at Home!

Late in the evening, grandma & grandpa, mama & daddy, and the, oh so lovely, most knowledgeable, teenager had all settled down at the dining room table, to feast upon the sumptuous chicken enchiladas provided by the extraordinary culinary skills of mama.

The conversation was pleasant, abundant, lively and sometimes spicy; topic after topic was tossed out and debated upon. Though sometimes, as in most families, some topics are taboo! Tonight it was a free night and all was discussed with an open mind, except for politics, this subject has been talked to death, so it was time to move on.

Oh, there were moments when grandma had to reach over and bop daddy on his noggin as he wanted everyone to hear how educated he was in the political arena! But, alas, he is a very slow learner, but I think he finally got the message! Then again, like I said, he is a slow learner!

The conversation turned to blogging, some how the topic of a prior blog of grandma’s was brought up. In the context of the story something along the line of ‘grandma was getting affectionate with grandpa’ entered into the conversation. Very softly I distinctly heard eeewwwww coming from the mouth of mama. At the same time, ‘miss teenager’ exclaimed eeewwwww and than promptly said; “grandma & grandpa don’t have sex!” Then while older eyes rolled back and forth around the table and looked up at the ceiling; she further stated, “That’s disgusting!” Then in a very knowing voice she continued to further enlighten us by saying, “mama & daddy don’t do that any more, because we (her & her sister) are always home”. Not a word was uttered by the grown-ups. Suddenly all of the adults had other things to do and left the table, hiding the snickers and repressed laughter. Smiles!

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