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The Best of Times

 It had been raining pretty steady here in King County, Washington for the past couple of days. Flood watch and flood warnings had been issued for the area, but the rain seem to be pretty gentle compared to some of the storms that we have experienced during our recent travels in the eastern part of the US, so we weren’t concerned with any flooding.

We had been over to our daughter’s house in the afternoon, at dusk we started toward where our RV as parked, having our youngest teenage granddaughter in tow. We were about 45 minutes from our RV when we left her place.

It was rapidly becoming dark out, the road barely reflecting our headlights on the pavement. The road was running parallel with the Snoquamish River. The river bank would almost touch the road at times, then sometimes disappearing into the distance. Unknown to us the river was filling rapidly with flood water pouring down out of the mountains north of us. 

The road, was very dark, very wet and very curvy. We were moving along at a decent clip, but not so fast as to be dangerous to our health.  We went down a slight incline, when suddenly we found ourselves hubcap deep in water.  This was very frightening. Were we in the river flood water? A car was on the supposed road in front of us, it just sat there, then with a touch of renewed confidence it started moving through the water, with water splashing high up its sides the car began to make headway.  Timidly, we continued to follow in its wake, concerned that at any moment it would be swept away. It seemed like the flooding continued on and on across the low lying  ground. It was so scary, not being able to really see, what we were dealing with. Gratefully after what seemed like an eternity, we followed the car in front of us on to higher, dry ground.

It turned out in the light of day, that the rain had flooded a low spot in the valley that the road traversed. The river was quite a distance from us and not involved with this flooding.

It really showed us how quickly, danger could occur;  someone could find themselves, being carried down the stream by the river’s current in times of flooding and put in extreme danger. 

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