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Happy Thanksgiving

I wish all of you out there a Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be a bright memory in the years to come.

Thanksgiving brings many memories; ones of childhood. My dad & mom always took us to my aunt’s house. It was a drive through the snow covered country side, sometimes the roads were covered with snow. We always arrived safely singing Christmas carols all the way. I have fond memories of spending the day at my favorite aunt Orilla’s  house. She had a large family (providing 12 cousins), also my aunt Viola and her family were there, another 5 kidos, plus the 5 from my family. So there were billions of kids of all ages there for the holidays. There was lots of laughter, screaming and yelling with any available adult grabbing a arm and telling us to quiet down and stop running. The kitchen had a table (yes, only one) it was a huge thing, it seemed to fill the whole kitchen, and it held everyone, the kids ate with the adults. Oh the memories!

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