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Sad Thanksgiving

We were all snuggled down inside our RV in Tall Chief RV Resort, its a beautiful RV park near the city of Fall City, WA. We had arrived here a couple of weeks ago to be with our daughter for the holidays. The park has been serene and welcoming after traveling from the East Coast.

A couple of nights before Thanksgiving, John and I were watching TV. We would glance out the large front windows below the TV screen from time to time. (looking for ghosts in the night) It was pitch black out there.

They came from out of the darkness; a line of bright flashing lights, moving across our line of view on the way further into the park, first a ambulance, then a fire truck, a few minutes later another ambulance, another fire truck, and finally a couple of other vehicles, all with their lights flashing. The only sound was the crunch of their tires on the gravel road.

We could not imagine what could have happened. What would bring such a parade of vehicles to this lovely park? It is fairly common for an ambulance to come to these RV parks, after all, our lifestyle is common among the older generation; and with it, a death in the park is not unusual. John and I wondered aloud to each other the mystery of the large amount of emergency vehicles; then settled back in our chairs and returned to our TV program.

The next morning, John took his normal walk, returning with the news of the mystery of the night. A set of parents out there somewhere, were just starting to live through a long line of sad Thanksgivings.

The story told was that a man and his girlfriend had a spat and the lady jumped into her car and sped off into the wet, dark night at a greater speed then these pine ridden, gravel roads could handle.  A couple of days later, the tree that ended her young life was cut down. It had been damaged so badly that it had become threat to others near the road.

Who would believe that such a horrendous accident could happen in this quiet, serene park.


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