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Friday, 12/19/08    This is a copy of the Alert Notice that was delivered by one of the RV Park staff members a few hours ago (Friday afternoon). A notice personally delivered by hand to everyone in the park has a way of getting one’s attention!  At the moment, I feel a sense of uneasiness at what the notice implies.

Now, what to do! What to do!  How do you protect a RV from winds like that?  John pulled the picnic table up next to the RV, trying to protect the two little five gallon propane tanks that we use to supply heat to our rig. We use them to supplement the big tank that is housed in a compartment on the underside of our rig. Can’t you just see those little guys hurling away, and on the way to who knows where, ripping the hose out, spraying propane all about. We are setting among some trees, on the top of a foothill in the Cascade Mountains. We are hunkered down in a field of snow, not deep only a inch or two. No telling what the night will bring.

John went down the hill to get some things from the store. I declined tagging along with him, as I am fully aware that to get back here,  he has to drive up the ice/snow crusted very steep road.  When he finally got back, he said that it took him three tries to get up the hill! I am so glad I stayed home.

It has been in the high teens today, so it more then likely will get very very cold tonight.  I am looking forward with a great deal of apprehension  to what the morrow will bring. I will let you all know, if I live through the next twenty-four hours, how this story plays out. I forecast gloom and doom!

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