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How time does fly. Its been awhile since I last posted. The snow has all gone. The flooding that you may have heard about has mostly receded. The rain comes and goes as is normal for this time of the year, and the dark cloudy days by far out number the clear blue ones. The temperature has warmed up, now hovering in the mid-forties to high forties during the day.

About a week ago, we moved further north.  Presently, we are in a park up by Sequim, WA. Which is located on the Olympic Peninsula.  It is really nice up here. The RV sites are located in a open area surrounded with large evergreen trees. The clearing makes it nice to set up the satellite dish. The signals don’t get blocked by all of the trees that usually cause problems in most of the RV parks in Washington.

This a pretty area, still filled with lots of green trees and the ocean is just a spit away; lots to see and do around here. Wild life is rampant. So far we have seen many, many deer, one raccoon, a large road sign warning of a cougar being in the area and one thousand large black birds, probably crows or maybe raven.

The day that we arrived we were greeted with this scene across from our RV. Our neighbor was feeding the critters. They appear to be what we would call Mule deer in California.   

Sequim, WA  Deer

Since then, we have seen them everyday wondering around the park, eating grass and getting handouts from the guests of the park. I just hope that I will not catch sight of that cougar!

I believe that we will have a wonderful time while we are here. Come on over and enjoy the great outdoors with us!  





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